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Ракета - сетевая радиостанция, посвященная новой альтернативной, инди- и поп-музыке. Круглосуточное вещание. Прямые эфиры. Авторские подкасты и миксы. Музыкальный блог.



12:53Sui Zhen - Night River Rider
12:46CCFX - The One to Wait
12:42COMA - (...)
12:38Archanga - Песня про Всё
12:35Cool Sounds - Golden Seasons
12:33Me and My Kites - Sister's Gonna Have a Baby
12:30Peel Dream Magazine - Novelty
12:27Oscar Lang - Hey (feat. Alfie Templeman)
12:22Pink Shabab - If Only I Could Hold You One More Time
12:18Kisses - Funny Heartbeat
12:16The Uplifting Bell Ends - Chet Sounds II
12:13Martin Frawley - Something About Me
12:10Ghost Funk Orchestra - Walk Like a Motherfucker
12:06Anemone - She's the One
12:03Omni - Skeleton Key
12:00Bifannah - Capri
11:59Bifannah - Capri
11:56Блеск Бати - Тебе не до любви
11:53Big Fresh - Cosmos Song (feat. Reva Russell English)
11:49Twin Peaks - Dance Through It
11:44Blue Hawaii - No One Like You
11:40LA Priest - What Moves
11:37BEA1991 - My Own Heaven
11:34Danny Brown - Best Life
11:30Rubblebucket - Donna
11:26Nikola Tesla & Thee Coils - Agness
11:23Dabeull - Last Night (feat. Jordan Lee)
11:19Lope - Oh, It's Casual
11:16Beat Spacek - Inflight Wave
11:12Kevin Krauter - Green Eyes
11:09Pure Bathing Culture - Black Starling
11:04Swim Deep - 0121 Desire
11:00Confidence Man - Boyfriend
10:56Holy Fuck - Free Gloss (feat. Nicholas Allbrook)
10:53Mini Dresses - I'd Notice
10:49Rapport - In The Dark
10:47Michael Seyer - Father
10:43FEET - Chalet 47
10:39Jupiter - Chocolate
10:33Cate Le Bon & Bradford Cox - Constance
10:31PREGOBLIN - Combustion
10:27Teebs - Studie (feat. Panda Bear)
10:22Chrome Sparks - Still Think
10:18Magdalena Bay - Oh Hell
10:16Ада - Ада
10:10Jaakko Eino Kalevi - Dissolution
10:07Ice Choir - Afar
10:03Flyying Colours - Goodtimes
10:00(Sandy) Alex G - Gretel
09:56Lazarus Kane - Narcissus
09:52Barrie - Tal Uno
09:49Traffik Island - Charlie Is My Darling
09:46Буерак - Не боюсь темноты
09:42Temples - You're Either On Something
09:38Ocean Alley - Flowers and Booze
09:35Homeshake - Like Mariah (Jessy Lanza Mix)
09:32La Luz - Don't Wanna Be Anywhere
09:28Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday
09:24СОЮЗ - Партнёры по бизнесу (feat. Интурист)
09:22Sean Thompson's Weird Ears - Time Has Grown A Raspberry (feat. Annie Williamson)
09:18Hiss Golden Messenger - Passing Clouds
09:14Bananagun - Out Of Reach
09:10Ruthie - What Kind Of Woman
09:07Galcher Lustwerk - Bit
09:03Skylar Spence - Can't You See
09:00Shopping - Initiative
08:58Mnogoznaal - DOF
08:55Bat For Lashes - Kids In the Dark
08:51Ava Luna - Centerline
08:46Jim Noir - Upside Down
08:42SASAMI - Morning Comes
08:39M.I.L.K. - Prisoner (feat. Benny Sings)
08:35Sunni Colón - Technicolor
08:31DIIV - The Spark
08:28Baths - Yawn
08:25Anna Burch - Not So Bad
08:21Hobby Club - For Maurice
08:17Ariel Pink - Stray Here with You
08:11Free Love - Tomorrow Could Be Heaven
08:08KAYTRANADA - 10% (feat. Kali Uchis)
08:06Sneaks - Money Don’t Grow on Trees
08:04TOPS - I Feel Alive
08:00Heavenly Beat - Head
07:58Okay Kaya - Baby Little Tween
07:53Пасош - 7/4
07:49Allah-Las - Light Yearly
07:45Fit of Body - Sophisticated Adult Ent.
07:42Winston Surfshirt - For The Record
07:38Арсений Креститель - Борис Гребенщиков
07:34Alex Cameron - Far From Born Again
07:30Второй этаж поражает - За дверью
07:27Весна 310 - Далеко
07:24Introverted Dancefloor - Happiness Is Such a Mess
07:21Sudan Archives - Limitless
07:17Пёс и Группа - Имя
07:14Cool Sounds - Hula Hoop Group
07:09Tom Misch - Water Baby (feat. Loyle Carner)
07:05Michael Kiwanuka - You Ain't The Problem
07:02Pure Bathing Culture - Devotion
07:00Treatment - Solitary
06:58Treatment - Solitary
06:55Soft Glas - Perks of Being a Sunflower
06:51Wild Nothing - Foyer
06:48Kevin Morby - No Halo
06:43Shura - the stage
06:39Rob Stokes - Space
06:34Real Estate - Paper Cup (feat. Sylvan Esso)
06:32Jackie Cohen - Take Care Of Your Skin
06:30Dylan Moon - Analog
06:25The Skiffle Players - Glow in the Dark Scratch and Sniff
06:19Sui Zhen - Night River Rider
06:14Danny James Etc. - Smelling Ghost
06:11CMON - Coo
06:07infinite bisous - Sex Dream; Marine
06:02Blue Hawaii - All That Blue
06:00Cola Boyy - Penny Girl
05:58Cola Boyy - Penny Girl
05:54Best Coast - For the First Time
05:50The Japanese House - Maybe You're the Reason
05:46Hoops - They Say
05:42Computer Graphics - Novosti
05:38Caribou - You and I
05:33Aldous Harding - Weight of the Planets
05:30Men I Trust - Days Go By
05:27Motorama - Second Part
05:20Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band - Seahorse Retreat
05:17Blueprint Blue - Real as These
05:13Спасибо - Спасибо
05:10Madison Acid and TV Girl - I Thought You Were Cool
05:07Jay Som - Get Well
05:04Jacob 2-2 - Baby Duckbill
05:00Lope - Oh, It's Casual
04:56Mega Bog - Diary of a Rose
04:51Moon Duo - Fall (In Your Love)
04:47SOPHIE - It's Okay to Cry
04:43Itasca - A's Lament
04:41Deep Touch - Sketch 3 Six
04:37Sorry Girls - Under Cover
04:33Nite Jewel - One Second of Love
04:29Khruangbin & Leon Bridges - Texas Sun
04:26Golden Daze - Took a Fall
04:22Devendra Banhart - Kantori Ongaku
04:18Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Hunnybee
04:13The Orielles - Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)
04:09Archanga - Песня про Всё
04:05Teebs - Studie (feat. Panda Bear)
04:00Wand - I Will Keep You Up
03:57Rapport - In The Dark
03:52Пёс и Группа - Ты будешь гореть в раю
03:48LA Priest - What Moves
03:45Лето в городе - На море
03:42Squid - The Cleaner
03:39Sugar Candy Mountain - Stickeen
03:36Forever - Make It Happen (feat. Just John)
03:33Barrie - Dark Tropical
03:31The Uplifting Bell Ends - Chet Sounds II
03:24Fujiya & Miyagi - Chichikov
03:20of Montreal - You've Had Me Everywhere
03:17Homeshake - Nothing Could Be Better
03:13Anna of the North - My Love
03:07George Clanton - Slide
03:02Pink Shabab - If Only I Could Hold You One More Time
03:00МС Сенечка - Таракан
02:59МС Сенечка - Таракан
02:56Sheer Mag - Silver Line
02:51Краснознаменная Дивизия Имени Моей Бабушки - Последнее лето детства
02:48YACHT - Blue on Blue
02:44Palehound - Cinnamon
02:40Nikola Tesla & Thee Coils - Agness
02:35Weyes Blood - Everyday
02:32Ghost Funk Orchestra - Walk Like a Motherfucker
02:29Sunflower Bean - I Was A Fool
02:25Flyying Colours - Goodtimes
02:19Peaking Lights - Mirror In The Sky
02:15Tame Impala - Lost In Yesterday
02:10Blur - Ghost Ship
02:07Kevin Krauter - Green Eyes
02:03Bamboo - A World Is Born
02:00Babe Rainbow - Beasty
01:59Babe Rainbow - Beasty
01:56Altın Gün - Kırşehir'in Gülleri
01:52Grace Cummings - Paisley
01:48Kit Sebastian - Senden Başka
01:44DIIV - The Spark
01:39MGMT - Little Dark Age
01:36Frankie Cosmos - So Blue
01:34Adam Green - Fix My Blues
01:30Bananagun - Out Of Reach
01:26L'Eclair - Castor MacDavid
01:22Konradsen - Television Land
01:20Young And Dramatic - Blossoms
01:17KAYTRANADA - 10% (feat. Kali Uchis)
01:14Martin Frawley - Something About Me
01:10Aoife Nessa Frances - Libra
01:06Berndsen - Planet Earth
01:02Omni - Skeleton Key
01:00Morabeza Tobacco - Defenders of the Glam
00:58Morabeza Tobacco - Defenders of the Glam
00:55Kindness - Something Like a War (feat. Bahamadia)
00:53Biig Piig - Flirt
00:50Nap Eyes - Mark Zuckerberg
00:46The Mauskovic Dance Band - Late Night People
00:42Allah-Las - Light Yearly
00:38Molly Burch - Wild
00:35(Sandy) Alex G - Southern Sky
00:31Sonic Death - Naslazhdenie
00:28Tennis - Need Your Love
00:26Grace Ives - Wow
00:23Sean Thompson's Weird Ears - Time Has Grown A Raspberry (feat. Annie Williamson)
00:20Work Drugs - On the Gold Coast
00:17Peel Dream Magazine - Novelty
00:13Crying High - Hold Yr Terror Close
00:09Michael Kiwanuka - You Ain't The Problem
00:02Мооn Duo - Mirror's Edge
00:00Okay Kaya - Baby Little Tween
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