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Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks — интернет-радиостанция, которая транслирует музыку из кинофильмов. Канал работает с 2011 года благодаря энтузиазму создателя по имени Крис, а также пожертвованиям слушателей. Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks вещает из Соединенных Штатов. 

В эфире звучат мелодии из известных и не очень голливудских фильмов. 



14:41Randy Edelman - X Marks the Spot (XXX)
14:38Inon Zur - Into The Storm
14:35Vivek Maddala - Main Title & Closing Credits from Asian Americans
14:30John Ottman - The Future and Welcome Back (X-Men Days Of Future Past)
14:26Keegan DeWitt - Connection (All Together Now)
14:23Joseph Trapanese - Carriage Ride (Lady and the Tramp 2019)
14:19Heitor Pereira - Minions Through Time (Minions)
14:18Soundtrax.FM - Station ID Website 03
14:16Mark Mothersbaugh - End Credit Suite (Holmes and Watson)
14:13Dario Marianelli - The Call (Everest)
14:08John Williams - Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter)
14:06Live365 - Advertisement
14:04Genevieve Vincent - The Broken Hearts Gallery
14:03Michael Giacchino - In Russia, Phone Dials You (Ghost Protocol)
14:00Ramin Djawadi - Main Title and Finale (Game Of Thrones)
13:59Ramin Djawadi - Main Title and Finale (Game Of Thrones)
13:56Danny Elfman - Alice Reprise #5 (Alice In Wonderland)
13:55Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 11
13:49Ilan Eshkeri - The Way of the Ghost (Ghost of Tsushima)
13:45Alexandre Desplat - The King's Speech
13:39Bear McCreary - Main Title and New Cap City (Caprica)
13:36David Arnold - City Of Lovers (Casino Royal)
13:35Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 02
13:31Tree Adams - The Anomaly (The 100 Season 6)
13:27Blake Neely - Sara Silenced (Arrow Season 3)
13:24Elliot Goldenthal - Main Titles and Fledermausmarschmusik (Batman Forever)
13:22Lorne Balfe - 13 Hours (The Secret Soldiers Of Benghazi)
13:19Pinar Toprak - Ona Says A Prayer
13:15Hans Zimmer - Jack Sparrow (Dead Man's Chest)
13:13Live365 - Advertisement
13:09Mark Snow - Victory (The New Mutants)
13:04John Barry - Main Title and John Dunbar Theme (Dances with Wolves)
13:02David Newman - Serenity and End Credits (Serenity)
13:00Larry Goldings - Born Free (Self Made)
12:57James Newton Howard - Concussion
12:55Klaus Badelt - He's A Pirate (The Curse Of The Black Pearl)
12:51Tracie Turnbull - Time Travel (A Brief History of Time Travel)
12:48Philip Glass & Paul Leonard Morgan - Tales from the Loop
12:45Christophe Beck - Angel Of Verdun (Edge Of Tomorrow)
12:42Ryan Amon - Elysium
12:38Colin Stetson - The Gardners (Color Out of Space)
12:35Alan Menken - Harvest Dance (Aladdin 2019)
12:29Andrew Hollander - Opening Titles from Words on Bathroom Walls
12:26Brian Tyler - Main Title from Final Destination 5
12:24Carter Burwell - My Son Michael (The Blind Side)
12:21Nicholas Britell - Andante Con Moto (Succession Season 2)
12:17Jason Moran - Bloody Sunday Parts 1 through 3 (Selma)
12:15David Holmes - 11, 12 & 13 (Ocean's Thirteen)
12:14Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 09
12:12Live365 - Advertisement
12:10Christopher Willis - Leaving Day (The Personal History of David Copperfield)
12:07John Williams - The Lost World
12:03Stuart Earl - Journeys Across Dark Waters (And Then There Were None)
12:00Howard Shore - Mrs. Doubtfire
11:55John Piscitello - Memories Make Us (Memory Games)
11:52Steve Jablonsky - Ender's War
11:49Danny Elfman - The Batman Theme
11:47A.R. Rahman - People Like Us
11:44Mark Isham & Isabella Summers - Setting Fires (Little Fires Everywhere)
11:40Henry Jackman - Big Hero 6
11:35David Buckley - Uncertain Times
11:30Fall On Your Sword - Opening Titles (Lola Versus)
11:28Thomas Newman - Wow (Finding Nemo)
11:23Mac Quayle - 2.5_4-youaremy4nswer.msv (Mr. Robot)
11:21Jonathan Kirkscey - Child Psychology (Won't You Be My Neighbor)
11:16Peter Best - Theme from Crocodile Dundee
11:15Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 10
11:13Live365 - Advertisement
11:10Harry Gregson Williams - Mulan Leaves Home
11:07Hans Zimmer - Main Theme from Rain Man
11:03Rob Simonsen - Verrazano (Nerve)
11:01John Debney & Germaine Franco - Show Me the Correct Path (Dora and The Lost City of Gold)
11:00Alexandre Desplat - The Imitation Game and Alan Turing's Legacy
10:56Alexandre Desplat - The Imitation Game and Alan Turing's Legacy
10:53Jerry Goldsmith - Main Title from Patton
10:49Max Sweiry - What Lies Ahead (The Ascent)
10:46James L. Venable - Cameras Up! and Dreams Within Dreams
10:42James Newton Howard - Malcolm Is Dead (The Sixth Sense)
10:39Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin - Particles Of The Universe (Beasts Of The Southern Wild)
10:36Fernando Velazquez - The Encounter and Main Title
10:34Christophe Beck - The Ring (The Hangover)
10:29Pinar Toprak - I'm Not Stargirl (Stargirl Season 1)
10:26Abel Korzeniowski - The Master
10:23Brian Tyler - Fast Five
10:21John Lunn - Titanic (Downton Abbey)
10:18Ramin Kousha - Sharknado and Sharks In A Tornado
10:15Nino Rota - Love Theme from The Godfather
10:13Live365 - Advertisement
10:10John Paesano - Nikola Tesla
10:06Graeme Revell - Main Titles (Lara Croft Tomb Raider)
10:03Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - War Machine
10:00Jeff Danna - Jesus and Nicodemus (The Gospel of John)
09:54John Williams - Hymn to the Fallen (Saving Private Ryan)
09:48David Martijn - In Between Worlds (War of the Worlds)
09:45Carter Burwell - Secret To Success (The Founder)
09:43Lalo Schifrin - Main Theme (Rush Hour 2)
09:41John Ottman - Theme from The Nice Guys
09:39Heitor Pereira - Smurfette's Creation and Welcome Home Smurfette
09:36Howard Shore - Opening from Big
09:31Stephen Barton & Gordy Haab - Eno Cordova's Theme (Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Game)
09:26Alex Wurman - The March
09:21Randy Newman - So Long (Toy Story 3)
09:19Robert Duncan - Might Want To Hold On (Timeless)
09:15Tykwer Klimek & Heil - Opening Title (Cloud Atlas)
09:12Tyler Bates and Joel J Richard - Tick Tock Mr. Wick (John Wick 3 Parabellum)
09:10Live365 - Advertisement
09:08Genevieve Vincent - The Broken Hearts Gallery
09:05Steve Jablonsky - Optimus (Transformers)
09:03Nicholas Britell - The Culmination/Black's Theme (Moonlight)
09:00Andrew Lockington - Main Titles
08:57Trevor Rabin - Page 47 (Book Of Secrets)
08:52Steven Price - The Archive
08:50Robert Glasper - Opening from The Photograph
08:43Hans Zimmer - 160 BPM
08:41Mark Mothersbaugh - Last Vegas
08:37Nathaniel Mechaly - Saving Kim (Taken 3)
08:32Harry Gregson Williams - McCall's Return (The Equalizer 2)
08:28Joseph Trapanese - Myth Finale (Myth A Frozen Tale)
08:25Danny Bensi/Saunder Jurriaans - Quinn (Countdown)
08:21Michael Giacchino - A Stark Contrast (Spider Man Homecoming)
08:17Jeff Beal - Paradise (Jesse's Theme)
08:15John Lunn - The White Queen and Eyes For Her (The White Queen)
08:12James Newton Howard - Legacy
08:07Mark Snow - Victory (The New Mutants)
08:04Joby Talbot - The Moon Theatre Golden Slumbers (Sing)
08:01Christopher Young - Birth Of Sandman (Spider Man 3)
08:00Live365 - Advertisement
07:56Jeff Tweedy - All the Bad Things (Showbiz Kids)
07:51John Williams - Anakin's Dream (Revenge of the Sith)
07:47Brian Reitzell - Apéritif (Hannibal)
07:45James Flannigan - Yeah Yeah
07:41Alan Menken - Aladdin's World and The Kiss (Aladdin)
07:36Ludwig Goransson - INVERSION (Tenet)
07:32Klaus Badelt - Ballerina (Leap)
07:29Patrick Doyle - The Beginning (Rise of the Planet of the Apes)
07:26Benjamin Wallfisch - Hospital
07:21Henry Jackman - Prologe/Epiloge (The 5th Wave)
07:18Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Sugar Storm (Gone Girl)
07:16Live365 - Advertisement
07:14Christopher Willis - Leaving Day (The Personal History of David Copperfield)
07:09Randy Newman - A Bug's Life Suite
07:07Jonny Greenwood - Dark Streets Reprise (You Were Never Really Here)
07:04Anne Dudley - Theme & The Crossroads (Poldark)
07:02George Fenton - Opening Titles and The North Pole
07:00Marc Shaiman - Main Title from City Slickers
06:59Marc Shaiman - Main Title from City Slickers
06:55Geoff Zanelli - The Real Snow (Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs)
06:52Bear McCreary - Modus Operandi (Da Vinci's Demons Season 3)
06:49Rupert Gregson-Williams - Graduation (Bee Movie)
06:46Dustin O'Halloran & Volker Bertelmann - Mongolia (The Art of Racing in the Rain)
06:43Lorne Balfe - The Infraworld
06:39Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent 6 - Cold War (The Amazing Spiderman 2)
06:34Mark Isham - Reality As We Know It (Bill & Ted Face the Music)
06:30tomandandy - Flying Through The Air (Resident Evil Retribution)
06:27Tan Dun - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
06:24John Dragonetti - I Made You A Cookie
06:20Alexandre Desplat - The Light Between Oceans
06:17John Debney - My Dad's a Liar (Liar Liar)
06:15Live365 - Advertisement
06:12Harry Gregson Williams - Mulan Leaves Home
06:08Mark Mothersbaugh - Flint Returns (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs)
06:05Gwendolyn Sanford Brandon Jay & Scott Doherty - Crazy Peppers (Orange Is The New Black)
06:03Emile Mosseri - Calico (Homecoming)
06:01Brandon Roberts - Main Title from Unbroken Path To Redemption
06:00Alan Silvestri - Infinity War (The Avengers Infinity War)
05:58Alan Silvestri - Infinity War (The Avengers Infinity War)
05:53Tim Larkin - Myst
05:50Danny Elfman & Chris Bacon - Promotions (MIB International)
05:48Nathan Johnson - The Thrombey Family Theme (Knives Out)
05:45Dickon Hinchliffe - Our Slate Ain't Clean
05:42Marco Beltrami - Main Titles (The Giver)
05:39James Newton Howard - Main Titles Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
05:33Michael Giacchino - Pickles, Suite or Sour (An American Pickle)
05:30Christophe Beck & Jake Monaco - Ride or Die (Like a Boss)
05:27Jerry Goldsmith - The Dream (Total Recall)
05:24Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne - The Queen of the South
05:20Thomas Newman - Sunlit Silence (Bridge Of Spies)
05:18Benjamin Wallfisch - 27 Years Later (IT Chapter Two)
05:16Live365 - Advertisement
05:13John Paesano - Nikola Tesla
05:08Graeme Revell - Daredevil Theme
05:05Heather McIntosh - Theme from The Quarry
05:02Tom Holkenborg - Discovery (Alita: Battle Angel)
05:00Michael Andrews - The Interview (Second Act)
04:56Randy Newman - Meet The Fockers
04:55Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 09
04:49Larry Groupe - Theme for the Rank and File (The Outpost)
04:47Rob Simonsen - Gifted
04:45John Williams - Main Theme (Jaws)
04:42Craig Armstrong - Money (Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps)
04:39Atli Orvarsson - The Witch Hunters
04:35Philip Glass - Anthem Part 2 (The Truman Show)
04:28Jared Kraft - Opening Titles from American Gospel Christ Crucified
04:24Lorne Balfe - Blackwood
04:21Hans Zimmer - Main Title Theme
04:19John Powell - The Call of the Wild
04:15The Crystal Method - Bones Theme (2012 Extended Mix)
04:13Alan Menken - Pocahontas
04:11Live365 - Advertisement
04:10Genevieve Vincent - The Broken Hearts Gallery
04:07Maurice Jarre - Main Title from Doctor Zhivago
04:03Antonio Pinto - Snitch
04:00Marc Shaiman - Honor (A Few Good Men)
03:59Marc Shaiman - Honor (A Few Good Men)
03:51Daryl Bennett - I AM MLK Jr
03:47Brian Tyler - The Expendables Return
03:42Danny Elfman - Hero's Theme (Justice League)
03:40Terence Blanchard - Talking To God (Harriet)
03:37Ryan Elder - Jerry's Rick (Rick and Morty)
03:35Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - A Pair Of Doves (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
03:31Jack Sidwell - A World Beyond (Final Space Season 1)
03:28Gregory Tripi - I Am Not My Mother (Ma)
03:24Ludwig Goransson - Self Defense (Venom)
03:21Patrick Watson - Louis Drax (The 9th Life Of Louis Drax)
03:18Howard Shore - Soul Of The Ultimate Nation
03:15Harry Gregson Williams - Charming's Plan (Shrek the Third)
03:13Live365 - Advertisement
03:09Mark Snow - Victory (The New Mutants)
03:06Patrick Doyle - Fate and Destiny
03:04Andrew Lloyd Webber - Overture from Cats
03:01Fil Eisler - I'm Mary (Proud Mary)
03:00Dennis McCarthy - The Nexus from Star Trek Generations
02:58Dennis McCarthy - The Nexus from Star Trek Generations
02:55Eric Serra - I Am Everywhere (Lucy)
02:50Dominic Lewis - My Spy
02:48Thomas Newman - Saving Mr. Banks End Title
02:44Tyler Bates - Family History (Guardians of the Galaxy 2)
02:41Joel P West - Thanksgiving (The Glass Castle)
02:36Henry Jackman - Choose Your Crew and Maersk Alabama
02:33Marc Streitenfeld - Friend from the Past and A Planet
02:27Ben Frost - Franziska & Magnus (Dark Cycle 3)
02:25Lawrence Rothman - Crust (neverreallyknewyou) The Turning
02:22James Newton Howard - Primrose (Mockingjay Part 2)
02:19John Lunn - Amanda Kendall (Grantchester)
02:17David Carbonara - Pacific Coast Highway and Draper's Ruse
02:13Randy Newman - Goodbyes
02:11Live365 - Advertisement
02:09Christopher Willis - Leaving Day (The Personal History of David Copperfield)
02:05John Powell & David Buckley - Converging in Athens (Jason Bourne)
02:00Marcelo Zarvos - The Best of Enemies
01:57Mike Post & Pete Carpenter - Theme from Magnum P.I.
01:54Michael Giacchino - Bundle Of Joy (Inside Out)
01:47Blake Neely - First Crossing (Greyhound)
01:45A.R. Rahman - Welcome To India (Million Dollar Arm)
01:41Lorne Balfe - Good Evening, Mr. Hunt (Mission Impossible Fallout)
01:39Daniele Luppi - Opening Theme from Magic City
01:36Bear McCreary - Faith (Outlander Season 2)
01:31John Williams - The Towering Inferno
01:26Keegan DeWitt - Connection (All Together Now)
01:25Daniel Hart - Theme from The Old Man and the Gun
01:22Nicholas Hooper - Opening (Half Blood Prince)
01:19Guy Jackson - The Onward Voyage (Sea of Solitude Game)
01:17Junkie XL - The Croft Legacy (Tomb Raider)
01:13Don Davis - Main Title and Trinity Infinity
01:11Live365 - Advertisement
01:07Harry Gregson Williams - Mulan Leaves Home
01:03Mychael Danna - God Storm
01:01Jeff Beal - Next In Line (House of Cards Season 2)
01:00Ludwig Goransson - End Titles, Last Bundt (Everything Everything)
00:59Ludwig Goransson - End Titles, Last Bundt (Everything Everything)
00:56Marco Beltrami - Father & Son and Yuri Says
00:53Danny Elfman - Dumbo's Theme
00:49Terence Blanchard - Perry Mason Opening
00:46Christophe Beck & Mark Kilian - Toner (Instrumental Suite)
00:43Alan Silvestri - Going Guy's Way
00:40Frederik Wiedmann - Igniting Ceremony and New Life
00:38Hildur Gudnadottir - Gulf Of Somalia (Sicario Day of the Soldado)
00:34Patrick Doyle - Orient Express Suite (Murder on the Orient Express)
00:30Tree Adams - The Anomaly (The 100 Season 6)
00:27Mark Isham - A Dog's Journey Main Title
00:24Hans Zimmer - Look To The Stars (Man Of Steel)
00:22Howard Goodall - Opening Titles from Johnny English Strikes Again
00:18Fernando Velazquez - Darcy (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)
00:15Steve Jablonsky - Lone Survivor
00:14Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 10
00:12Live365 - Advertisement
00:09John Paesano - Nikola Tesla
00:06Howard Shore - Edge Of The Wild
00:02Segun Akinola - Time Lords (Doctor Who Series 12)
00:00Kevin Riepl - Opening Titles & End Credits (Episode 7) from Atropa
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