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Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks — интернет-радиостанция, которая транслирует музыку из кинофильмов. Канал работает с 2011 года благодаря энтузиазму создателя по имени Крис, а также пожертвованиям слушателей. Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks вещает из Соединенных Штатов. 

В эфире звучат мелодии из известных и не очень голливудских фильмов. 



04:24Steven Price - You'll Hear Me In The Wind (Wonder Park)
04:20Thomas Newman - Very Sick Girl and Take Back Tomorrow
04:17Evan Wise/Jingle Punks - Ratchet's Main Title and Grim's Story (Ratchet and Clank)
04:14Dario Marianelli - Evey Reborn (V for Vendetta)
04:13Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 03
04:12Live365 - Advertisement
04:09Philip Glass & Paul Leonard Morgan - Tales from the Loop
04:06Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazarro - Welcome To Baby Corp (The Boss Baby)
04:03Anne Dudley - Theme & The Crossroads (Poldark)
04:00Lyle Workman - Love
03:58Trevor Gureckis - Little Leanne (Servant)
03:56Mark Leggett - The Simplest Things (Anne Frank's Holocaust)
03:51Jeff Russo - Star Trek Picard Main Title
03:48Heitor Pereira - This Is My World (Smallfoot)
03:43Roque Banos - It's My Fault End Credits (Regression)
03:40Christophe Beck - Angel Of Verdun (Edge Of Tomorrow)
03:37Bruce Broughton - The Orville Main Title & Shuttle to the Ship
03:34David Wingo - Home (Loving)
03:32Theodore Shapiro/Ludwig Goransson - Central Intelligence
03:29Kevin Kiner - Bad Batch Theme (The Clone Wars)
03:26Jeff Beal - Ten Years Later (An Inconvenient Sequel)
03:23Michael Giacchino - Bundle Of Joy (Inside Out)
03:21Javier Navarrete - Wrath Of The Titans
03:18Ramin Djawadi - Crash of Death
03:15Henry Jackman - Into The Storm (Kong Skull Island)
03:13Live365 - Advertisement
03:11Stefan Will & Marco Dreckkotter - Nocturne (Freud)
03:06Howard Shore - Beyond The Forest
03:05Soundtrax.FM - Station ID KP 03
03:02Gary Go - The Beginning (Friend Request)
03:00Pedro Bromfman - Finca Escobar (Narcos Season 2)
02:59Pedro Bromfman - Finca Escobar (Narcos Season 2)
02:55Thomas Newman - 1917 & A Bit of Tin (1917)
02:51Andrew Lockington - Main Titles
02:48Brian Tyler - End Title (Transformers Prime)
02:45Inon Zur - Fallout 4 Main Theme
02:43Jonsi and Alex - Manhattan Main Title and Nuclear Babies
02:40Tyler Bates - Guardians United (Guardians of the Galaxy)
02:34John Debney - Jeremy Says Goodbye (I Still Believe)
02:31Cliff Martinez - Bride of Deluxe (Drive)
02:28James Newton Howard - Primrose (Mockingjay Part 2)
02:27Soundtrax.FM - Movie Clip (Toy Story)
02:21Alberto Iglesias - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
02:19Nicholas Britell - The Free State Of Jones
02:16Jerry Goldsmith - The Gremlin Rag (Gremlins)
02:15Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 09
02:14Live365 - Advertisement
02:08Dan Romer & Benh Zeitlin - The Story of Wendy
02:05Steve Jablonsky - I Rise, You Fall (Revenge of the Fallen)
02:02Jeff Russo - The Night Of Main Title
02:00Alexandre Desplat - s'Rothe-Zaurli and Mr. Mustava (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
01:58Alexandre Desplat - s'Rothe-Zaurli and Mr. Mustava (The Grand Budapest Hotel)
01:53Chris Benstead - Play A Game With Me (The Gentlemen)
01:52Mark Mothersbaugh - Last Vegas
01:47Marco Beltrami - Where to and The Wolverine
01:44tomandandy - Opening from 47 Meters Down Uncaged
01:41Marcelo Zarvos - Prelude from Ray Donovan
01:38Jed Kurzel - Planet 4 Main Theme/Alien Covenant Theme
01:33Benjamin Wallfisch - He's Gone (The Invisible Man)
01:30Patrick Doyle - Shadow Recruit
01:28Howard Shore - A Storm Is Coming (The Return Of The King)
01:27Soundtrax.FM - TV Clip (Dallas)
01:22Hauschka - Salvation (Adrift)
01:16Harry Gregson Williams - The Prince of Persia (The Sands of Time)
01:13Andrew Lockington - Rampage
01:12Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 10
01:11Live365 - Advertisement
01:08Segun Akinola - Time Lords (Doctor Who Series 12)
01:03Brian Tyler - The Mummy
01:01Rob Simonsen - I'm Not a Cereal Killer (Father Figures)
01:00Nathan Barr - Marlo and Ray (Flatliners)
00:59Nathan Barr - Marlo and Ray (Flatliners)
00:53Colin Stetson - The Gardners (Color Out of Space)
00:50Craig Armstrong - Snowden Moscow Variation
00:44Thomas Newman - End Titles (Spectre)
00:40Jeff Beal - Paradise (Jesse's Theme)
00:37Aaron Zigman - Main Title from The Notebook
00:32Heitor Pereira - Minions Through Time (Minions)
00:27Clinton Shorter - Footsteps Of History (The Expanse Season 4)
00:24Lorne Balfe - Nature Warning (Geostorm)
00:21Alexandre Desplat - The Shape Of Water
00:18Terence Blanchard - Hatred At Its Best (BlacKkKlansman)
00:15Barry Gray - UFO Main Titles & The Leisure Sphere
00:12Mark Mothersbaugh - Flashback (Thor Ragnarok)
00:11Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 11
00:10Live365 - Advertisement
00:07Jon Opstad & Danny Cocke - The Crucible (Rainbow Six Siege Year 4)
00:03Ludwig Goransson - Family Visit (Creed II)
00:00Christopher Young - Fielding Fine (Pet Sematary)
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