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Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks — интернет-радиостанция, которая транслирует музыку из кинофильмов. Канал работает с 2011 года благодаря энтузиазму создателя по имени Крис, а также пожертвованиям слушателей. Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks вещает из Соединенных Штатов. 

В эфире звучат мелодии из известных и не очень голливудских фильмов. 



06:00David Holmes - Haywire
05:55Brian Tyler - Main Titles from Battle LA
05:50Martin Phipps - New Queen (The Crown)
05:47Craig Safan - Main Title (The Last Starfighter)
05:44Randy Newman - Victory Lane (Cars 3)
05:40Max Richter - To the Stars (Ad Astra)
05:38Garth Stevenson - Chappaquiddick
05:35Ramin Djawadi - Safe House
05:34Soundtrax.FM - This is Soundtrax Fanfare
05:30Alexandre Desplat - Little Women
05:27Christopher Young - Rum Diary
05:25Benjamin Wallfisch - Every 27 Years Reprise (IT)
05:20Vince DiCola - Training Montage (Rocky IV)
05:16James Newton Howard - Piecing It Together (The Touri
05:14Trevor Rabin - Page 47 (Book Of Secrets)
05:12Live365 - Advertisement
05:10Joel P West - Just Mercy
05:05Thomas Newman - Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (Skyfall)
05:02Reza Safinia - The Trust Theme and Bobo (The Trust)
05:00The Newton Brothers - Oculus Remix
04:59The Newton Brothers - Oculus Remix
04:55Jeff Beal - God's Ear (House Of Cards Season 3)
04:54Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 06
04:49Carter Burwell - The Good Liar
04:47Dave Shephard - Father and Daughter (Longmire)
04:43Harry Gregson Williams - Prince Charming and All Is Revealed (Shrek 2)
04:40Mark Isham - A Dog's Journey Main Title
04:37Bear McCreary - People Disappear All The Time (Outlander)
04:34Hans Zimmer - Look To The Stars (Man Of Steel)
04:29Theodore Shapiro - Clear and Simple (Bombshell)
04:27Gabriel Yared - Trouble Sleeping (Judy)
04:24Michael Abels - Finale (Us)
04:19Matthew Margeson - Eddie The Eagle
04:16Christophe Beck - Muppets Most Wanted Score Suite
04:12John Williams - Dartmoor, 1912 (War Horse)
04:11Live365 - Advertisement
04:08Marco Beltrami & Brandon Roberts - Voyage to the Bottom of the C (Main Title Underwater)
04:05Harold Faltermeyer - Adrianos (Beverly Hills Cop II)
04:03Frederik Wiedmann - Main Title and Justice League (Throne Of Atlantis)
04:00Jeff Russo - Main Title David and Syd (Legion)
03:59Jeff Russo - Main Title David and Syd (Legion)
03:56Geoff Zanelli & Jon Brion - Chapters (Christopher Robin)
03:52James Horner - Main Title from Commando
03:49Nate Heller - Fred At The End (A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood)
03:45James Newton Howard & Chris Bacon - Gnomeo & Juliet
03:41Danny Elfman - The Spidey Suite (Spider Man 2)
03:40Soundtrax.FM - This is Soundtrax K11
03:35Marcelo Zarvos - The 4 Sacred Bonds (Rock The Kasbah)
03:32Nicholas Britell - New Century (The Big Short)
03:29Michael Giacchino - Logos and Pranking The Natives
03:24Randy Newman - What I Love About Nicole (Marriage Story)
03:22Marc Streitenfeld - Alpha (The Grey)
03:19Patrick Doyle - Fate and Destiny
03:16Will Bates - Going Clear
03:14Steve Jablonsky - The Island Awaits You
03:12John Powell - Traveling Family (Rio 2)
03:10Live365 - Advertisement
03:08The Newton Brothers - Muldoon Reprise (The Grudge)
03:06Alexander Janko - Toula and Ian (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
03:05Soundtrax.FM - Station ID KP 02
03:04Craig Armstrong - Main Theme (In Time)
03:00Nathaniel Mechaly - Saving Kim (Taken 3)
02:59Nathaniel Mechaly - Saving Kim (Taken 3)
02:55Zikali - Into The Steep (Steep)
02:54Mateo Messina/Rolfe Kent - Casual
02:53Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 05
02:48The Newton Brothers - We Go On (Doctor Sleep)
02:44Victor Reyes - Main Titles and Night Manager Desk (The Night Manager)
02:41Nicholas Hooper - Fireworks (Order Of The Phoenix)
02:38Daniel Hart - Follow That Dragon
02:34Thomas Newman - Ford V 8 Deluxe (The Highwaymen)
02:31David Foster - Love Theme (St Elmo's Fire)
02:30Soundtrax.FM - Movie Clip (Jaws)
02:26Lorne Balfe - Bridge to the Stars (His Dark Materials)
02:24Atli Orvarsson - Chicago Fire Suite
02:21Brian Tyler - Iron Man 3
02:18Bear McCreary - Into The Forest (The Forest)
02:16Mark Willard - Main Title (Fireproof)
02:13Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - 2049 (Bladerunner 2049)
02:11Live365 - Advertisement
02:09Christophe Beck & Jake Monaco - Ride or Die (Like a Boss)
02:06Ennio Morricone - Un Monumento
02:04Ramin Djawadi - Main Title
02:02Marcus Miller - For the Love of Freedom (Marshall)
02:00Alexandre Desplat - Florence Foster Jenkins
01:59Alexandre Desplat - Florence Foster Jenkins
01:55Devonte Hynes - Love Theme (Dance) (Queen & Slim)
01:53Atticus Ross & Nick Chuba - The Hunt Main Title
01:49Maurice Jarre - End Credits (Ghost)
01:45Stu Phillips - Exploration/Theme from Battlestar Galactica
01:43Cliff Martinez - Chaos (Severe Clear)
01:41Steve Jablonsky - Welcome to Heaven (Skyscraper)
01:40Soundtrax.FM - Movie Clip (The Matrix)
01:32Daniel Lopatin - Uncut Gems
01:30John Dragonetti - I Made You A Cookie
01:26Dario Marianelli - Evey Reborn (V for Vendetta)
01:23Rachel Portman - Race Opening Title
01:20James Newton Howard - French Toast
01:14Alex Wurman - The March
01:13Live365 - Advertisement
01:10Danny Elfman - Opening from Dolittle
01:05Dominic Lewis - Peter Rabbit Suite
01:03Giorgio Moroder & Raney Shockne - The Queen of the South
01:00Michael Giacchino - End Credits (Tomorrowland)
00:57Michael Giacchino - End Credits (Tomorrowland)
00:55Max Richter - A New Generation (Mary Queen of Scots)
00:51Marcelo Zarvos - Cell Phoner Parade Main Titles (Cell)
00:46Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders - Team Player (Ford v Ferrari)
00:43Christopher Lennertz - I'm The Hero (The Boys)
00:39Ludovic Bource - 1927 A Russian Affair
00:37Nicholas Britell - The Free State Of Jones
00:35Jesse Voccia - View From Above & End Title (Bosch)
00:31Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen - Theme from Mission Impossible
00:26Thomas Newman - 1917 & A Bit of Tin (1917)
00:23tomandandy - Close from The Monster
00:20Ludwig Goransson - The Jabari Pt II (Black Panther)
00:18Alexandre Desplat - Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close
00:14Steven Price - Mitch Rapp (American Assassin)
00:12Brad Fiedel - Main Title (Terminator 2 Judgement Day)
00:11Live365 - Advertisement
00:09Joel P West - Just Mercy
00:06Christophe Beck - Epilogue (Frozen)
00:03Dave Porter - Better Call Saul End Credits
00:00Jonny Greenwood - House of Woodcock (Phantom Thread)
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