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Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks — интернет-радиостанция, которая транслирует музыку из кинофильмов. Канал работает с 2011 года благодаря энтузиазму создателя по имени Крис, а также пожертвованиям слушателей. Soundtrax Movie Soundtracks вещает из Соединенных Штатов. 

В эфире звучат мелодии из известных и не очень голливудских фильмов. 



17:51Theodore Shapiro - Spies In Disguise
17:49Bear McCreary - Birth of Chucky (Child's Play 2019)
17:44David Arnold - The Darkest Day (Independence Day)
17:41Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Resolve (Patriots Day)
17:38Daniel Hart - Theme from Comet
17:35Brian Tyler - Fast Five
17:30Jeff Russo - Star Trek Picard Main Title
17:28Rob Simonsen - Gifted
17:23Peter Best - Theme from Crocodile Dundee
17:20Jeff Danna & Mychael Danna - Embroidery of the Tree of Paradise (Alias Grace)
17:16Thomas Newman - Ford V 8 Deluxe (The Highwaymen)
17:13Jerry Goldsmith - Main Title (Star Trek First Contact)
17:12Live365 - Advertisement
17:09Robert Glasper - Opening from The Photograph
17:06Marco Beltrami - Philadelphia
17:05Soundtrax.FM - Station ID KP 04
17:03David Carbonara - Pacific Coast Highway and Draper's Ruse
17:01John Debney - Main Theme (Broken Horses)
17:00Stephen Rennicks - New End (Room)
16:57Stephen Rennicks - New End (Room)
16:55Deborah Lurie - Flatnose
16:50Alexandre Desplat - Little Women
16:47Germaine Franco - Win and Still Be Me (Little)
16:45Brad Fiedel - Main Title (Terminator 2 Judgement Day)
16:41Tom Holkenborg - Dark Fate (Terminator Dark Fate)
16:39Henry Jackman - Book Of Revelations (This Is The End)
16:35Benjamin Wallfisch - SHAZAM!
16:31Rob - Arise (Gretel & Hansel)
16:26Harry Gregson Williams - Warsaw Zoo, 1939 (The Zookeeper's Wife)
16:21Geoff Zanelli - Beyond My Beloved Horizon/Dead Men Tell No Tales
16:19Tim Jones - Bryce Larkin Super Spy (Chuck)
16:15Ramin Djawadi - Main Title and Finale (Game Of Thrones)
16:12Randy Newman - Goodbyes
16:10Live365 - Advertisement
16:07John Powell - The Call of the Wild
16:04Hans Zimmer - Remember (The Lion King 2019)
16:01Inon Zur - Fallout 4 Main Theme
16:00John Swihart - Chasing Rebecca
15:58John Swihart - Chasing Rebecca
15:55Sean Callery - Jessica Jones Main Title & Alias Investigations
15:54Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 04
15:50Marcelo Zarvos - Dark Waters
15:48Brian Tyler/Klaus Badelt - End Titles (Constantine)
15:45Christophe Beck - Theme from Ant Man
15:41Frederik Wiedmann - Last Son Of Krypton (Justice League Gods And Monsters)
15:38James Newton Howard - Nightcrawler and Lou and Rick on a Roll
15:33Hildur Gudnadottir - Call Me Joker
15:29Bear McCreary - The Life You Wanted (Blumhouse's Fantasy Island)
15:25Mark Isham - Warrior
15:23Eric Serra - I Am Everywhere (Lucy)
15:22Soundtrax.FM - Movie Clip (Chicken Run)
15:18Mike Georgiades - Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Assassin's Creed Odyssey)
15:15Theodore Shapiro and Jose Gonzalez - Walter Time and Time and Life (Secret Life Of Walter Mitty)
15:12Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Sugar Storm (Gone Girl)
15:11Live365 - Advertisement
15:08Tom Holkenborg - Sonic the Hedgehog
15:04Henry Jackman - Embrace (Pokemon Detective Pikachu)
15:03Brian Reitzell - Bach Goldberg Variation Aria Part 1 (Hannibal Season 3)
15:02Soundtrax.FM - Chris ID 11b
15:01Abel Korzeniowski - Demimonde Main Title (Penny Dreadful)
15:00Thomas Newman - Fellowship (Tolkien)
14:56Thomas Newman - Fellowship (Tolkien)
14:52Lorne Balfe - Bridge to the Stars (His Dark Materials)
14:49Dario Marianelli - The Call (Everest)
14:44Steven Price - Task Force X (Suicide Squad)
14:43Soundtrax.FM - One Man
14:40James Horner - Main Title from Commando
14:36David Sardy - Maybe You've Heard of Me and Ghost Rider Theme
14:33Hans Zimmer - Dream Is Collapsing (Inception)
14:29Danny Elfman - Opening from Dolittle
14:26Siddhartha Khosla - This Is Us Score Suite
14:22Ludwig Goransson - Self Defense (Venom)
14:21Soundtrax.FM - TV Clip (Fraiser)
14:18Cliff Martinez - Bride of Deluxe (Drive)
14:15Nathaniel Walcott - Katie's House (Midnight Sun)
14:12Mark Mothersbaugh - The Fight Continues (The LEGO Movie 2)
14:11Live365 - Advertisement
14:08Daniel Pemberton - Birds of Prey
14:05Alexandre Desplat - The Shape Of Water
14:04Soundtrax.FM - Station ID KP 01
14:01Marco Beltrami - Father & Son and Yuri Says
14:00Marcus Miller - For the Love of Freedom (Marshall)
13:59Marcus Miller - For the Love of Freedom (Marshall)
13:58Soundtrax.FM - Chris ID 01
13:53Alberto Iglesias - Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
13:49John Debney - Steve's Theme Main Title (Jobs)
13:44Mark Isham - To Lead (Togo)
13:42Gabriel Yared - Trouble Sleeping (Judy)
13:39John Powell - Ted, Audrey and the Trees
13:36Terence Blanchard - Opening Titles
13:33Gustavo Santaolalla/Kevin Kiner - Main Title and End Credits from Making A Murderer
13:30West Dylan Thordson - Belief (Glass)
13:24Colin Stetson - The Gardners (Color Out of Space)
13:22Hauschka - Opening & Closing Theme from Gunpowder
13:20Randy Newman - Monsters, Inc.
13:16Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - Outside (Abridged) from Bird Box
13:14Mike Higham & Matthew Margeson - Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
13:11Kris Bowers - The Lonesome Road (Green Book)
13:09Live365 - Advertisement
13:07Hauschka - All Skied Out (Downhill)
13:05Heitor Pereira - Red On The Run (The Angry Birds Movie)
13:04Soundtrax.FM - Station ID KP 05
13:01Theodore Shapiro - Who Was Derek Zoolander (Zoolander 2)
13:00Trevor Gureckis - The Goldfinch
12:59Trevor Gureckis - The Goldfinch
12:55John Ottman - Jack & Isabelle
12:52James Newton Howard - Can I Trust You? (Red Sparrow)
12:51Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 05
12:47Lorne Balfe - Thrones (6 Underground)
12:44Missy Mazzoli - Impromptu (Mozart in the Jungle)
12:41Rupert Gregson-Williams - Graduation (Bee Movie)
12:37Jed Kurzel - The Creed (Assassin's Creed)
12:33Michael Giacchino - The Suite at the El Royale
12:30Henry Jackman - First Class
12:26Lawrence Rothman - Crust (neverreallyknewyou) The Turning
12:24Ennio Morricone - Main Title
12:20John Debney - Resurrection (The Passion of the Christ)
12:18Nicholas O'Toole & Jonathan Davis - Rupture (After The Dark)
12:15Harry Gregson Williams - Dug's Theme (Early Man)
12:11Hans Zimmer - Chevaliers de Sangreal (The Da Vinci Code)
12:09Live365 - Advertisement
12:07Robert Glasper - Opening from The Photograph
12:04Alexandre Desplat - Argo
12:00Marcelo Zarvos - Gabriel's Trumpet (Fences)
11:58Shie Rozow - Packing (Jasmine)
11:53Lisa Gerrard/Marcello De Francisci - Jane Goes West (Jane Got A Gun)
11:50Bear McCreary - Into The Forest (The Forest)
11:46Labrinth - Forever (Euphoria)
11:44Terence Blanchard - Talking To God (Harriet)
11:41Thomas Wander & Harald Kloser - Independence Day Resurgence Finale
11:40Soundtrax.FM - Station ID Website 04
11:39Tom Howe - Professor Marston and The Wonder Women
11:36Paul Haslinger - Main Theme from Rainbow Six Siege
11:33Thomas Newman - Finding Dory Main Title and Three Hearts
11:29Chris Benstead - Play A Game With Me (The Gentlemen)
11:26Brian Tyler - Rambo: Last Blood
11:22Ramin Djawadi - The Great Wall
11:19Blake Neely - World's Finest and Main Theme (Supergirl)
11:14Carter Burwell - A History of Media/Live (The Fifth Estate)
11:10Elliot Goldenthal - Main Titles and Fledermausmarschmusik (Batman Forever)
11:09Live365 - Advertisement
11:06John Powell - The Call of the Wild
11:03Michael Giacchino - Bundle Of Joy (Inside Out)
11:00Matthew Margeson - Eddie The Eagle
10:58Matthew Margeson - Eddie The Eagle
10:56Brandon Roberts - Main Title from Unbroken Path To Redemption
10:52Tyler Bates - His Name Is Conan
10:51Live365 - Advertisement
10:50John Williams - The Rise Of Skywalker
07:43Bear McCreary - Theme from Europa Report
07:39John Ottman - Reprise and Fly Away (Superman Returns)
07:35Philip Klein - A1C PJ Pitsenbarger (Main Theme The Last Full Measure)
07:33Christopher Lennertz - It Was Raining (Acrimony)
07:30Quincy Jones - Soul Bossanova (Austin Powers 2)
07:26Tom Holkenborg - Roland of Eld (The Dark Tower)
07:24Joseph Trapanese - Carriage Ride (Lady and the Tramp 2019)
07:20Tan Dun - Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
07:17Robert Glasper - Opening from The Photograph
07:14James Horner - Main Title from Braveheart
07:10Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka - Searching For Home/Lion Theme (Lion)
07:06Dennis McCarthy - The Nexus from Star Trek Generations
07:04Mychael Danna - And May It Please The Court (On the Basis of Sex)
07:02Danny Elfman - Freed
07:00Live365 - Advertisement
06:57Theodore Shapiro - Clear and Simple (Bombshell)
06:55Johnny Klimek Reinhold Heil and Lisa Gerrard - Main Title (I Frankenstein)
06:51Ludwig Goransson - Family Visit (Creed II)
06:48Kaveh Cohen & Michael Nielsen - Big Bang (Forza Motorsport 7)
06:45Jeff Beal - Ten Years Later (An Inconvenient Sequel)
06:41Harry Gregson Williams - Logan Through Time (Wolverine)
06:37Christophe Beck & Jake Monaco - Ride or Die (Like a Boss)
06:34Alexandre Desplat - Operation Finale
06:30Marco Beltrami - Bek and Zaya's Theme (Gods Of Egypt)
06:27Brian Tyler - Main Titles from Brake
06:25Tom Holkenborg - Windflower (Mortal Engines)
06:22James Newton Howard - Primrose (Mockingjay Part 2)
06:17John Powell - The Call of the Wild
06:12Hans Zimmer - The Mole (Dunkirk)
06:10Bear McCreary - Modus Operandi (Da Vinci's Demons Season 3)
06:08Matthew Margeson - Damage Control (Skyline)
06:04Tuomas Kantelinen - Main Theme Legend of Hercules
06:02Live365 - Advertisement
06:00Steven Price - Do You Have Faith (The Aeronauts)
05:59Steven Price - Do You Have Faith (The Aeronauts)
05:57Max Aruj & Steffen Thum - Haley's Theme (Crawl)
05:53Dave Grusin - On Golden Pond Main Theme
05:48Trevor Rabin & Paul Linford - I Am The Clock (12 Monkeys)
05:45Max Richter - Sketch #1 Morgan
05:41Henry Jackman - Cap's Promise (Captain America Civil War)
05:38Joel P West - Just Mercy
05:33Conni Ellisor & John Mock - Main Theme & Final Scene (All Saints)
05:31Danny Elfman - Irving Montage
05:28Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - War Machine
05:24Lorne Balfe - Picasso (Genius)
05:19Maurice Jarre - Building The Barn (Witness)
05:18Live365 - Advertisement
05:15Tom Holkenborg - Sonic the Hedgehog
05:11Theodore Shapiro - Marley & Me
05:08Jeff Beal - Any Less Hurtful (House Of Cards Season 4)
05:05Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber - John Nineteen Forty One (Jesus Christ Superstar Live)
05:02Brendan McCreary - No More Heroes (Defiance Season 2)
05:00Joseph Trapanese - Your Name Is Echo
04:57Joseph Trapanese - Your Name Is Echo
04:53Marco Beltrami & Brandon Roberts - Voyage to the Bottom of the C (Main Title Underwater)
04:49Vince Giordano & The Nighthawks - My Romance (Cafe Society)
04:46Benjamin Wallfisch - Creation (Annabelle Creation)
04:44Fil Eisler - Vagoogle (Life of the Party)
04:41Adrian Corker - Are You Sure You Want This? (Tin Star)
04:38Michael Kamen - Riggs and Rog (Lethal Weapon 3)
04:33Jeff Russo - Star Trek Picard Main Title
04:30Lyle Workman - Love
04:27James Newton Howard - Main Titles from The Fugitive
04:26Soundtrax.FM - TV Clip (The X Files)
04:24Jonathan Kirkscey - Child Psychology (Won't You Be My Neighbor)
04:21Mark Isham - A Day at the Park (Black Mirror Arkangel)
04:19Ennio Morricone - Un Monumento
04:18Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 04
04:15Daniel Pemberton - Birds of Prey
04:12Alexander Janko - Toula and Ian (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
04:07John Debney - Main Title from The Call
04:05Frederik Wiedmann - Main Theme and Victory
04:04Live365 - Advertisement
04:01Trevor Gureckis - Little Leanne (Servant)
04:00James Horner - Main Title (Honey I Shrunk The Kids)
03:59James Horner - Main Title (Honey I Shrunk The Kids)
03:56Thomas Newman - 2815 A.D. (WALL-E)
03:55Soundtrax.FM - Station ID Website 01
03:53Gregory Tripi - I Am Not My Mother (Ma)
03:48Paul Mills - Fight for the Call (Indivisible)
03:44Lorne Balfe - The Penguins of Madagascar
03:40Rob - Arise (Gretel & Hansel)
03:32Atticus Ross - Panoramic (Book of Eli)
03:30Christophe Beck - Angel Of Verdun (Edge Of Tomorrow)
03:29Soundtrax.FM - Station ID Y2
03:25John Ottman - Silver Surfer Theme (Rise of the Silver Surfer)
03:22Cinema Guitar Works - Hot Lazy Porch Swing (The Lincoln Lawyer)
03:19John Williams - The Adventures of Tintin
03:18Live365 - Advertisement
03:15Hauschka - All Skied Out (Downhill)
03:11Danny Elfman - Hero's Theme (Justice League)
03:05Roque Banos - It's My Fault End Credits (Regression)
03:02Barry Gray - UFO Main Titles & The Leisure Sphere
03:00Nicholas Britell - The Culmination/Black's Theme (Moonlight)
02:59Soundtrax.FM - Chris ID 01
02:57Terence Blanchard - Hatred At Its Best (BlacKkKlansman)
02:54Edward Shearmur - Goodnight Elvis (Elvis and Nixon)
02:50Henry Jackman - Beyond the Clouds (Jumanji The Next Level)
02:47Carter Burwell - The Good Liar
02:43Tyler Bates and Joel J Richard - Man Of Focus (John Wick Chapter 2)
02:40David Wingo - Home (Loving)
02:38Randy Edelman and Nathan Barr - Drinking Wine (The Boy Next Door)
02:37Alan Menken - Pocahontas
02:32Bear McCreary - The Life You Wanted (Blumhouse's Fantasy Island)
02:31John Debney - Main Titles and Meghan Runs From Rabbis (Walk Of Shame)
02:29Marco Beltrami - A Day In The Life (Terminator 3)
02:26Cris Velasco - Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son (Main Theme)
02:24Carlos Rafael Rivera - Welcome to LaBelle (Godless)
02:20Eric Serra - The Goldeneye Overture
02:16Robert Glasper - Opening from The Photograph
02:13Alan Silvestri - The Grand Re-Opening (Secret of the Tomb)
02:09Greg Edmonson - Age of the Bounty Killer and Training Day
02:07John Paesano - Daredevil Main Title and Daredevil
02:04Javier Navarrete - Wrath Of The Titans
02:01Conrad Pope - Paparazzi (My Week with Marilyn)
02:00Live365 - Advertisement
01:58Will Blair & Brooke Blair - Opening & Riley's Theme (Black Christmas)
01:56Alexandre Desplat - The Ides of March
01:53Hans Zimmer - Main Theme from Rain Man
01:50Dave Shephard - The Journey Has Just Begun (Into the Badlands)
01:49Craig Armstrong - Main Theme (In Time)
01:46Steve Jablonsky - Calling All Autobots (Transformers The Last Knight)
01:42Danny Elfman - Opening from Dolittle
01:37Roque Banos - A Commuter's Trip (The Commuter)
01:35Christophe Beck - Trollstice (Trolls)
01:28Harry Gregson Williams - The Equalizer
01:25Ramin Djawadi & Brandon Campbell - Slender Man
01:21John Williams - Hedwig's Theme (Harry Potter)
01:20Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 05
01:19Live365 - Advertisement
01:16John Powell - The Call of the Wild
01:11James Newton Howard - Malcolm Is Dead (The Sixth Sense)
01:09Daniel Pemberton - USS Callister The Next Adventure
01:07Evan Wise/Jingle Punks - Ratchet's Main Title and Grim's Story (Ratchet and Clank)
01:06Soundtrax.FM - Chris ID 03
01:03Jeff Beal - Welcome To The Kremlin (The Putin Interviews)
01:00Robbie Robertson - Theme for the Irishman
00:59Robbie Robertson - Theme for the Irishman
00:58Soundtrax.FM - Back To Music 02
00:55Nathan Johnson - The Thrombey Family Theme (Knives Out)
00:52Cliff Martinez - Can't Say I'm Happy
00:50John Debney - Main Title Jungle Run (The Jungle Book)
00:46Junkie XL - Opening Title/Boston Crime Lord (Black Mass)
00:43Tyler Bates - Africa Driving (24 Hours To Live)
00:39Randy Edelman - X Marks the Spot (XXX)
00:33Colin Stetson - The Gardners (Color Out of Space)
00:31Ian Hultquist - Lucky Charm (A X L)
00:28Michael Giacchino - The Glory Days (The Incredibles)
00:27Soundtrax.FM - Movie Clip (Batman Begins)
00:24Trevor Rabin - Max's Suite (Max)
00:22Rachel Portman - The Duchess
00:18Henry Jackman - Big Hero 6
00:17Live365 - Advertisement
00:13Tom Holkenborg - Sonic the Hedgehog
00:11Hans Zimmer - Trapped Like Carrots (The Simpsons Movie)
00:08Carter Burwell - Stagecoach (Missing Link)
00:04Martin Phipps - New Queen (The Crown)
00:00Thomas Newman - Very Sick Girl and Take Back Tomorrow
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