Электронная Волна

Радио Электронная Волна

Преимущественно электронная музыка, во всем многообразии жанров и направлений — от мелодичного лаунжа, диско, фанка и джаза, идеально подходящего для расслабленного пляжного времяпрепровождения утром и днем, до танцевальной клубной музыки в вечерне-ночное время. Без рекламы.


19:00Alexey Sonar - SkyTop Residency 144
18:04Alexey Sonar - SkyTop Residency 144
18:00Chad & River - Understanding (Original Mix)
17:59Chad & River - Understanding (Original Mix)
17:54Arnold T - What I Miss About You (Katie M
17:48Nor Elle - Next Rest Area
17:44Mononome - Why Is It I Spend The Day
17:36Bassic - Infinite Space
17:35Jingle #31eng - Commercial-free
17:32Beacon - It Won't Be Long
17:26The Glow-worm Projekts - The Final Submission
17:22Urban Phunk Society - Siesta
17:18Roberto Sol & Florito - Love Finds You (feat Martine - original mix)
17:11Reflection - Another Sun
17:07Frame By Frame - Seagulls
17:01Didascalis - Together
17:00Wet - Lately
16:57Wet - Lately
16:514 Wings - Penelope (Original Mix from Cafe-' Del Mar)
16:47Lisa Stansfield - I Cried My Last Tear Last Nigh
16:45Mecca-83 - 2am Samba
16:41Jelly For The Babies - Homeworld
16:40Jingle #32eng - Music to Love
16:35Rue Du Soleil - Angel Eyes
16:31Nuera feat. Szen - Breathing (Chillout mix)
16:29Birocratic - Nesting
16:23Sine - Slowjam
16:18Moonlik - Slow Dream
16:14Domestic Technology - Lu Bagnu
16:13Jingle #01rus - Pure air
16:08Bongo B - Shadow Dancer (Chillout Forest Mix)
16:00Cabeiri - Voyager (Suduaya Remix)
15:55Move D - Goofi
15:48Circular - The Circuit (Live Edit)
15:43Faro - Our Balloon
15:41Mr.KiD - Don't explain
15:34AmBeam - Perseids (Original Mix)
15:29Euge Groove - Religify
15:25Victor Fields (featuring Richard Elliot) - Walking In Rhythm
15:22Bonobo - Days To Come
15:16Steve Anderson - Closer (Electrosparkles Chilled remix)
15:14P.R - Set The Scene ft. Skyzoo & Substantial
15:08Tosca - Heidi Bruehl
15:03Lemongrass - Life
15:00Zero Cult - Part Of Rapture
14:55Zero Cult - Part Of Rapture
14:51The Sura Quintet - Olas Del Mar Theme
14:42Marco Torrance - Beyond the Dawn
14:39Menik - El
14:37Question & Freddie Joachim - Freddie Joachim - Cool Down
14:34Harold-Alexis - Time
14:33Jingle #62rus - Sea of Tranquility
14:30Chris Standring - Oliver's Twist
14:26James Day - Natural Thing
14:22Gold Wizard - Open Your Heart
14:16Ulrich Schnauss - Shine
14:13Ljones - Autumn Groove
14:08Levthand - Cadillac Track (Solar Moon Backseat Dub Instrumental)
14:04Tycho - Weather
14:03Jingle #36rus - Dobriy den V03
14:00Solar Fields - Jeezlh
13:54Solar Fields - Jeezlh
13:50Mindprint traveller - sentimentu
13:44Picnicboy - Dreamland
13:39PNFA - Miles and Miles (Slowly)
13:38wun two - A3 - sometimes in winter
13:33Rhian Sheehan - Nocturne 1985
13:28Nils - Get on the Dance Floor
13:24Dave Koz - Careless Whisper
13:21Emilie Simon - Desert
13:16Schiller - Forever (feat. Kim Sanders)
13:13The Cancel - Tear
13:08Rey Salinero - High Definition Of Heart
13:04Sofa Groovers - I Feel Love
13:03Jingle #36rus - Dobriy den V03
13:00Velvet Park - Project Deluxe (Lounge After 8 P.m. Mix)
12:58Velvet Park - Project Deluxe (Lounge After 8 P.m. Mix)
12:52Max Melvin - Ease
12:48Airstream - Chillin` Guitar (Trippin` Mix) (Trippin` Mix)
12:43Djivan Gasparyan - Fallen Star
12:42Jingle #28eng - Nice and Easy
12:38Rena Jones - Indra's Web
12:32Blugazer - Journeys Beyond (Chillout Mix)
12:28Hotel Riviera - Another Change Of Love
12:21Ev Darko feat Lena Grig - Alice (Welcome To My Paradise)
12:15Faro - Shape Of Sence
12:12Dary Adams - Titanic (Original Mix)
12:07Fernando Sor - Divertissement, Op. 62, mvmt. II. Mouvement de Polonaise (Jordi Codina, Josep Maria Mangado)
12:06Jingle #23rus - Classika
12:01Danny Stubbs - Orion (Thomas Lemmer Cosmic Chill Lounge Remix)
12:00Uyama Hiroto - Vision Eyes ft. Golden Boy
11:57Uyama Hiroto - Vision Eyes ft. Golden Boy
11:46Koan - Crying Prozerpine (Blue Mix)
11:41Duncan Millar - Secret Smile
11:37Dave Koz - Moon River
11:32Fineconfine - Digital Night
11:26Arcado feat. Alla Moon - One Day (Zetandel Chill remix)
11:19Esbe - Fulfill
11:15V.N.C. - In Between
11:10James Bright - Low
11:09Jingle #36rus - Dobriy den V03
11:00Wynton Kelly - Kelly Blue
10:59Wynton Kelly - Kelly Blue
10:48Miles Davis - Bags Groove
10:43Yves Larock ft. Jaba - Rise up (Boehm endless summer remix)
10:38Shaggy - It Wasn-'t Me (Le Boeuf Remix)
10:32Lexi Tellings, West.K, Jako Diaz - And I-'m Breathless (Jako Diaz Remix)
10:29Tape Five - I Spy You
10:24Segment - Clap Your Hands Do The Jive
10:19DE GRAAL-' - My Day (Aleksey Kraft Remix)
10:14Flight Facilities - Crave You (TEEMID & Daniela Andrade Cover)
10:11Maidden & NovaTunes - Freedom
10:05Ray Clarke - Other Nature (Phunky in Space Mix)
10:01Castlebed - Cold Moves (Original Mix)
10:00The Missourians - Future Prohibition Blues
09:57The Missourians - Future Prohibition Blues
09:52Intended Immigration - Tout Tourne (Swinging Electrons Remix)
09:46Magenta - Slowsphere (After Ski Remix)
09:42Cannonball Adderley - A Foggy Day
09:40Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66 - Mas que Nada
09:39Jingle #78rus - Electron FM funk
09:36Steampunk Feat. Duke Ellington - It Don't Mean A Thing, If It Ain't Steampunk
09:32Daniel Loubsher - Never Give Up (Adam Ellis Short Mix)
09:28Pauline London - Talkin' To The Moon
09:25Stipple - Evening Coast (Original Mix)
09:20Johnny Griffin - Hot Sausage
09:16Miles Davis - How Am I To Know
09:15Jingle #111rus - BISV promo 5
09:10Duran Duran - Come Undone (Anton Ishutin Slow Motion Edit)
09:07Dimaa - 0 O-'clock
09:04Proleter - Not Afraid
09:02Gimnastika 06
09:00Johnny Griffin - Tickletoe (with Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis)
08:57Johnny Griffin - Tickletoe (with Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis)
08:53Tamba Trio - Quem Me Dera
08:50Chet Baker - Headline
08:45Chet Baker - To Mikey's Memory
08:40Mary J. Blige - Family Affair (INSTRUM Remix)
08:36Mo - Final Song
08:32Ne-Yo - Let Me Love You (Bergs Remix)
08:28Steampunk - The Wierd Wierd West
08:26Chronic Crew - The Fez
08:21Phats & Small - Turn Around (Hey What-'s Wrong With You) (Maison & Dragen Remix)
08:13HoangFMax - Toi Thay Hoa Vang Tren Co Xanh Remix
08:08BeachesBeaches - Rickie Lee
08:06Sparkee - Home
08:01Jeff Bennett`s Lounge Experience - Is There Knowledge Left
08:00Damon McU - Mindforest (Original Mix)
07:55Damon McU - Mindforest (Original Mix)
07:49Damon McU - Find Your Way (Original Mix)
07:43Damon McU - Another Dimension (Original Mix)
07:32Daminika - Remember me
07:28Daminika - Never Forget About You (Original Mix)
07:24Daminika - Last Goodbye
07:21Daminika - Behind clouds
07:14Dale Anderson, Anil Chawla - Leftorium (Ambient mix)
07:04Daga - Lacerta (Original Mix)
07:00Detz - April
06:59Detz - April
06:52Nanobyte - Lost Time
06:43Spyra - A Seven Letter Word
06:36Artenovum - You Are My Heartbeat (Original Vocal Mix)
06:31Nero - Pilot
06:27Thomas Lemmer - Soul Diver
06:23D.R. - The Day we met
06:17D-Air - Abrente (Ambient Mix)
06:15D'Alt Vila - Breathing (Original Mix)
06:11AyAn - Hang Duo (Trebolactiko Remix)
06:05Auma - Settle And Release
06:00Eleusyn - Atlantis
05:59Eleusyn - Atlantis
05:56Ladies First - Messin' (Ladies First vs. Sovereign Radio Mix)
05:51La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Remix)
05:45La Cartier - Call Me
05:41L-Wiz - Lips
05:40Jingle #03rus - Radio s Tancami
05:36Major Lazer - Watch Out For This (Bumaye) (Deekline Remix)
05:29Wyen Solo, Chris Lawrence, Midas T & Nick Jay - Doctor (Original Mix)
05:25Watermat - Bullit (Lucas & Steve Remix)
05:17L-Wiz - Lady Smilin
05:13L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (MJ Cole remix)
05:08L-Vis 1990 - True Romance
05:05L-Vis 1990 - Tonight
05:04Jingle #19rus - Techno Garage
05:00Rocky - Drum Selected
04:57Rocky - Drum Selected
04:54L-Vis 1990 - The Beach
04:48L-Vis 1990 - Run
04:43L-Vis 1990 - Reprise
04:38L-Vis 1990 - Play It Cool
04:33Nathan Thomas - Fortunate
04:26Btwo - Not Feeling Yo
04:23Shift K3Y, KStewart - Natural
04:18L-Vis 1990 - Into the Stars
04:14L-Vis 1990 - I Feel It
04:10L-Vis 1990 - Hide
04:06L-Vis 1990 - Forever You
04:00Illegal Substances - Matter of Time
03:59Illegal Substances - Matter of Time
03:53L-Vis 1990 - Forever You Ft. Shadz
03:48L-Vis 1990 - Forever You (Dub)
03:42L-Vis 1990 & T. Williams - Stand Up
03:36Kryptic Minds - Just After Sunset
03:31Chris Rockford Jennifer Paige - Crush (Chris Rockford Phil Dinner Club Mix)
03:26Nicolau Marinho - Call Me (Original Mix)
03:22Dj Deekline - I Dont Smoke (Quincy & Wilson Official Remix)
03:17Kry Wolf - Wonga - Original Mix
03:12Kry Wolf - Wonga - Chaos In The CBD Remix
03:07Kry Wolf - Lost In Trem##
03:03Kry Wolf - Lost In Trem## (Mr Tickle Remix)
03:00Local Options - Lazer Snake (Original Mix)
02:56Local Options - Lazer Snake (Original Mix)
02:50Liva K & Natema - My Chance (Original Mix)
02:43Lissat & Voltaxx - Never Give Up (Stage Rockers Remix)
02:36Lisandro (Ar) - Anemona (Original Mix)
02:30Lika Morgan - Shed Light (Johnny Soul & Johnny Astro Remix)
02:22Lian July & Chris Odium - Let Me In (Original Mix)
02:16Lexer & Paji - Red Puddle (Original Mix)
02:10Kovary - Tear It Down (Original Mix)
02:03Late Nite Tuff Guy - Boy U Turn Me (LNTG Edit)
02:00Lexer - Hunter
01:56Lexer - Hunter
01:49Lessovsky feat. SevenEver - Nocturne (Original Mix)
01:42Leon Vynehall - Sister
01:35Leandro Caceres - Art (Original Mix)
01:29Le Visiteur Feat. Jova Radevksa - Perfect Version (Alex Hook Remix)
01:22Le Babar, Pat Lezizmo Feat. Anano - Last Call (Giom Remix)
01:15Tonbe - Give Me Funk (Original Mix)
01:02Eats Everything - The Size (Original Mix)
01:00Sam Divine - Defected In The House (07 January 2020)
00:02Sam Divine - Defected In The House (07 January 2020)
00:00Russia Goes Clubbing #598
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