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Radio Monte Carlo Lounge


Radio Monte Carlo Lounge — канал для любителей спокойной музыки в жанрах «лаунж», «джаз», «трип-хоп», «эмбиент» и «чилаут». Радиостанция некоммерческая, поэтому она транслирует только произведения, которые доступны в свободном доступе в интернете. Также канал транслирует музыку по просьбе начинающих авторов.

Radio Monte Carlo работает из Франции. В его эфире нет информационных передач. 



21:32Zuco 103 - Outro Lado
21:27Kayte Burgess Feat. Michael Landau - Nothing In Exchange
21:23Roberto Sol Feat. Mic Donet - Can Not Forget You
21:14Kate Rogers - Fine
21:07Dexcell, Ellie Mae - Steal Me Away (Dexcell Chill Out Remix)
21:00Kyau & Albert - Run
20:58Kyau & Albert - Run
20:55Dexcell, Ellie Mae - Steal Me Away (Dexcell Chill Out Remix)
20:50Titiyo - I'll Be Gone
20:46Novika - Miss Mood
20:42Angel Falls, S.A.T, Seven24 - Rescue Me
20:38Korpi Ensemble - Waiting For You To Call
20:33Santessa - Too Late
20:29Kosmopolitans - La Bambola (Radio Version)
20:26Marcel - Kisses
20:23Telepopmusik Feat. Angela McCluskey - Don't Look Back
20:13Shock of Pleasure - Spacetime
20:09PREP - Don'tt Look Back
20:05Sunburn In Cyprus - Passage Of Time
20:01Rachel Burton - Coastal Retreat
20:00The Cardigans - Erase Rewind
19:58The Cardigans - Erase Rewind
19:53Chet Atkins - So Soft, Your Goodbye
19:50Blue Satellite - Drifting (Feat. Anuka)
19:44Sunlounger Feat. Kyler England - Change Your Mind
19:40Blue Lagoona Feat. Halsay Ctrl - From Light To Dark
19:37Rue la Mer - And I Love Her
19:33Lounge Groove Avenue - Touch My Soul
19:26Zhu - Faded
19:22Soulounge - Remember
19:18Honne - 3am
19:15Federico Aubele - Lluvia
19:12Just For You Project - Pilot
19:07Samantha James - Rain
19:03Trillian Miles - One Reason
19:00Clara Hill - Just Paradise
18:55Gotan Project - Epoca
18:52Count Basic - Off My Skin
18:48Schiller, Kim Sanders - Let Me Love You
18:44Style Project - Whispers Of The Alba
18:39Jazzamor - Je T'Aime
18:35Ensoul - Fire
18:31Papik feat. Frankie Lovecchio - The Beauty Of The World
18:24Digital Analog Band - You And Me
18:18Polymyth - Bind You To Me
18:14Ronan Hardiman - Heaven Waiting There For Me
18:11Worldwide Groove Corporation - Kiss Me Slow
18:06Ilhem - The Right Thing
18:03Nell Bryden - Goodbye (Ash Howes Radio Remix)
18:00Shelly Sony - Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
17:59Shelly Sony - Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up
17:55Ego Vertigo feat. Lisa Dare - Little Wing
17:51Ida Send - Here Comes The Rain Again
17:47Young Dreams - Wildwind
17:44Burak Yeter ft. Danelle Sandoval - Tuesday (Radio Edit)
17:40Ilya - Pretty Baby
17:37Border Sound - Hot Stuff
17:33Aaron Richards - She Don't Like The Lights (Prod. By Direct)
17:30Fancy Vienna - Sound Of Silence
17:27Ingo Herrmann - Whole Body
17:23Sarah - California Dreamin'
17:19Stephane De Lucia - Exhale
17:14Vargo - Relax (Blank & Jones Vargo Vocal Remix)
17:03Alloise - Love Me Or Leave Me
17:00Adam Halogen Feat. Carmody - I Can't Be
16:55Adam Halogen Feat. Carmody - I Can't Be
16:51Alloise - Love Me Or Leave Me
16:48Satin Jackets Feat. Emma Brammer - Take It From Me
16:43Above & Beyond - Alone Tonight
16:37Zero 7 Feat. Tina Dico - Home
16:33Modjo - What I Mean
16:29Letters To Nepal - Our Hands (Senary Remix)
16:22NATASCHA - Let's Stay Together
16:18Duran Duran - Come Undone
16:13Triangle Sun - Hidden Home
16:09Incognito - Stay Mine
16:03Florzinho - Llevame A La Luna
16:00Mr Wolf - Love Has Gone
15:59Mr Wolf - Love Has Gone
15:55Latrice Barnett - Hold The Light
15:52Nikonn Feat. Maria Papadopoulou - Little Girl
15:48Saint Etienne - I'm Falling
15:43Lovespirals - Feel So Good
15:39S-Tone Inc. - Vai Ser Bom
15:34Kid Vibes - I Will Catch You
15:30Line - Stay Awhile
15:27Cats On Trees - Love You Like A Love Song
15:22Frankie Knuckles, Director's Cut Feat. Jamie Principle - I'll Take You There
15:18Stolen Identity - Call Me Crazy
15:14The Midnight - Lost Boy
15:09Mayer Hawthorne - Don't Turn The Lights On
15:06Jay-Jay Johanson - She Doesn't Live Here Anymore
15:03Sweet Coffee - La Lumiere
15:00Shola Adisa - Flow
14:59Shola Adisa - Flow
14:55Frou Frou - Hear Me Out
14:50La Taverne du Lac - Ease My Mind
14:45Gaelle - Release
14:41St Project Ft Ida Landsberg - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
14:37NICOLA HITCHCOCK - Ordinary Day
14:33Lazy Hammock - Island Lover
14:29The Supremes - My World Is Empty Without You
14:25Sarah Menescal - High And Dry
14:20Caribean Chill House - Liedschatten Seaside
14:15Sofa Surfers - White Noise
14:12D'Sound - Enjoy
14:08Disclosure - Latch
14:04Dido - Life For Rent
14:00Jimena Diaz - La Vida Como Es
13:56Ralph - Cereal (Feat. Milk Bone)
13:51Slow Train Soul - Twisted Cupid
13:48Dj Kodi - Purple Rain
13:43The Blues Project - Just For Now
13:38Papercut (GR) - Storm
13:33Sphere - My Baby's Gone
13:28Headstrong feat. Tiff Lacey - Symphony Of Soul
13:24Lori - Sing It Back (Moloko Cover)
13:19Jean Honeymoon - With You
13:14Chris Nemmo - Wastin' Time (Feat. Ares Duke & Helena K)
13:10Morcheeba - Blood Like Lemonade
13:06Mathieu, Florzinho Feat. Ana Paula Luis Viola - Deixe O Sol Entrar
13:03Malia & Boris Blank - I Feel It Like You
13:00Massive Gold - Superman
12:54Mathieu, Florzinho Feat. Ana Paula Luis Viola - Deixe O Sol Entrar
12:50Malia & Boris Blank - I Feel It Like You
12:46Massive Gold - Superman
12:42Nick Sinckler - It's Not What You Think
12:34D'andy - Summmertime
12:30Aaron Tesser & The New Jazz Affair - I Want You To Stay
12:26Almadrava - Time To Forget It
12:20The Korvids - Bad Faith
12:17Blank & Jones - City Lights
12:13Men I Trust - Seven
12:09LP - Lost On You
12:04Grand Tourism & Terry Callier - Les Courants D'air
12:00Aquanote - Never Let It Go
11:55Matt Bianco - Kiss The Bride
11:51In-Grid - L' Ete Indien
11:47Smoke City - Flying Away
11:42Robosonic & Ferreck Dawn feat. Nikki Ambers - In My Arms (Afterlife Mix)
11:37Eldissa - Fame
11:324 To The Bar - Fly Away
11:28ATB - Still Here
11:25Jack-O - Lost In Paradise (Original Mix)
11:20Rachel Burton - Coastal Retreat
11:17Simon Law feat. Caron Wheeler - Morning Love (Feat. Caron Wheeler)
11:13Janita - Thats How Life Goes
11:06Gare du Nord - Berlin Beat
11:01Nemo - Darkest Day
11:00Trillian Miles - One Reason
10:47Trillian Miles - One Reason
10:44HIM - Gone With The Sin
10:39Samantha James - I Found You
10:36Sub Orchestra - We Both
10:32Blue Six - You Just Can't Stop
10:28Lemongrass - Frozen Boy
10:24Sublime Reggae Kings - Take My Breath Away
10:19CocoRosie - Lemonade
10:15Fybeone Feat. Francesca Belmonte - Lost Before
10:07Jeff Bennett's - Sympathy
10:04Papik - L'avventura
10:00Novika - Miss Mood
09:56Jeff Bennett's - Sympathy
09:52Sanyer nelo - Fantasia
09:46Andy Hunter Feat. Beth Bullock Maxem - Spiral (Green Relax Edit)
09:43Lewis OfMan - Plein De Bisous (Feat. Milena Leblanc)
09:39Esonic - For What I Want
09:35Black Gold Massive - Sometimes It Snows In April
09:31Hooverphonic - Gravity
09:27Count Basic - Rise & Fall
09:24Chill Out Cologne - Love Song
09:19Luxury Lounge Masters - One Step Too Far
09:15Syusi, Lilli - Bit Of Sun
09:11Marco Finotello - Lovely Day (Chill Out Mix) (Featuring Maggie Smile)
09:07Snakadaktal - Dance Bear
09:03Smolik - Sos Songs
09:00Clazziquai Project - Prayers
08:55Sweet Velvet - From Within
08:44Ron Kalmakoff - Long Long Time
08:41Fancy Vienna - Sound Of Silence
08:37Billie Marten - Out Of The Black
08:33Nicola Conte - Paper Clouds
08:27Afterlife - Falling
08:23Conjure One - Forever Lost
08:16Deniz Reno - Sometimes
08:11Roberto Sol - My Decision
08:06Gabin - Mille Et Une Nuit Des Desires
08:00Lorraine Lawson - Beautiful Love
07:57Lorraine Lawson - Beautiful Love
07:53il santo - Mad About The Boy
07:50Jazzamor - Around & Around
07:45Arnold T - Not An Addict
07:40Kyoto Jazz Massive - Endless Flight
07:35Angel Falls, S.A.T, Seven24 - Rescue Me
07:32Style Project - Whispers Of The Alba
07:228000below - Higher Heights
07:18Paris Match - You Make My Day
07:14Lustral - In My Life
07:09Late Night Alumni - The Rest Of You
07:05Ficci - Senses Overload (Featuring Laura Hahn)
07:01Soulounge - Remember
07:00Shock of Pleasure - Superstar
06:57Shock of Pleasure - Superstar
06:52Saint Etienne - Over The Border
06:47Worldwide Groove Corporation - You Still Give Me Butterflies
06:43Ely Bruna Feat. Frank Mc Comb - Time Of My Life
06:38DJ Deckstream - Funny Love
06:35Ive Mendes - I Don't Wanna Know
06:30Polymyth - Lost
06:26jojo effect - The Sky Is Blue With You
06:21Gary B - I Belong
06:17Nikki Ocean - Earned It
06:14Karmacoda - Turn
06:11Lorna Lee - Eve
06:06Lana Del Rey - The Love
06:03Kate The Cat - The Look Of Love
06:00Kyau & Albert - Run
05:59Kyau & Albert - Run
05:55Wax Poetic - Angels (Ft. Norah Jones)
05:51Lovespirals - Insignificant
05:48Bitter:Sweet - Get What I Want
05:44Ingo Herrmann - Whole Body
05:39UNKLE feat. Ian Brown - Be There
05:35Lawrence Page - Lady
05:30Frankie Knuckles, Director's Cut Feat. Jamie Principle - I'll Take You There
05:26Dual Sessions - Loving You
05:22Stolen Identity - Call Me Crazy
05:19Oi Va Voi - Dusty Road
05:15Aromabar - Velvet Nights
05:10State Azure - Broken
05:07Kosmopolitans - La Bambola (Radio Version)
05:02Gold Lounge - Youre Too Late
05:008000below - Higher Heights
04:568000below - Higher Heights
04:54Momylove - Technical Love
04:50You Drive - Home In My Love
04:46Can 7, Angela Caran - The Promise (Allovers Sexual Remix)
04:42Carleen Anderson - Little Wouldn't I Do
04:37Blue Tofu - Spiritual (Electronic)
04:33Digital Analog Band - You And Me
04:29Reamonn - Supergirl
04:25Lemongrass - Lucky (Feat. Suzy Duffy)
04:22Melounge - Lights Down Low
04:18Ive Mendes - What You Love To Do
04:13Madafi - Mr. Right
04:09Cecile Bredie - Move Me
04:04Helicopter Girl - This Far Out
04:00Barriere - You'll Be Mine
03:55Dana Jean Phoenix - Written
03:51Zaa - Dance With Me
03:47Mystic Diversions - Valerie
03:43Imaani - Let's Do It Right
03:39Rainfairy - Far Away From Home
03:34Maria Sinitsyna - Morning Talk (Prod. By Mild Me Areh)
03:30Sonar Kollektiv Orchester - No Use Another New Day
03:25Aqualise, Juliet Russell - Wppk
03:20Man In A Room - Mr. Grey (Original Mix)
03:16Break Reform - Ghosts
03:13Gabor Deutsch - Stream Of Light
03:10Leitbur - I Taught You To Linger
03:02Walter Bonade - My Love
03:00Jillene Luce - Soul Connection
02:58Jillene Luce - Soul Connection
02:54Solarstone - Breathe You In
02:50Triangle Sun - Flower Dance
02:41Sunlounger Feat. Zara - Crawling
02:28Enigma - Sleep
02:23Roberto Sol Feat. Martine - Won't Give Up
02:19Morcheeba - Crimson
02:15Flunk - Blue Monday
02:12Yungatita - 7 Weeks 3 Days
02:08Kate The Cat - The Look Of Love
02:05Tenishia & Sue McLaren - Strong (Chill Out Mix)
02:01Raquel Rodriguez - Fool That You Are
02:00Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy
01:57Jorja Smith - Teenage Fantasy
01:52Mary Nelson - Lady Marmelade
01:47Dido - Hunter
01:424Strings - Take Me Away
01:39Just For You Project - Angelo
01:35Marga Sol - No One Who Loves Me
01:31Lounge Worship - Lovely Day
01:28Stacey Kent & Jim Tomlinson - Jardin D'hiver
01:24Will Downing - A Promise
01:20Feist - The Limit To Your Love
01:16Chill Out Cologne - Gone
01:11Massive Attack - Protection
01:08Bissen - Like I Do
01:04Latrice - Let Me Tell You Why
01:004 To The Bar - A Minute In My Life
00:57Robbie Williams - Swing Supreme
00:52Sade - Soldier of Love
00:47Morgan Saint - Take Me Back
00:43Sleepingroom Armada - Hope
00:38Kelly Menzel - Stronger (Frozen Heart Mix)
00:35Bossa n' the Girl - Cross My Heart
00:32York - My Life Is Yours
00:28Sub Orchestra - What Is It
00:25Alphawezen - Gun Song
00:21Hypnomusic - Maggie May
00:17Zero 7 Feat. Tina Dico - Home
00:13Tigerforest - My Silent Mystery
00:10Victima Mysterious - Letter
00:06Ambray - Kiss The Messenger
00:01Velvet Lounge Project - Baby With You
00:00Modjo - What I Mean
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  • WalkMan84

    Слишком слащавая музыка. Эфир целиком состоит из миленьких душевных баллад и попсы. Обещанного лаунджа и джаза 0,0004%

    • Мэт

      Только моё мнение - для меня это лучшее радио, особенно плэйлисты с интересной музыкой ... Вообще прелесть. Вы ребята молодцы, радуете...

      • Renato

        Владимир Набоков (Бренд-войс Монте-Карло) никогда не озвучивал Джорджа Клуни, насколько мне известно, но да, очень похоже на Вихрова.

        • natly

          И знаменитый голос ведущего. Слушая его, представляю Джорджа Клуни . . . .

          • Ани

            Хорошее радио, всегда выбираю его если хочу насладится музыкой и просто отдохнуть в спокойных ритмах. Никаких разговоров в прямом эфире - чем радиостанция очень располагает к себе!

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