Sway and Breathe Radio

Sway and Breathe Radio


Sway and Breathe is an independent webradio for anyone who loves indie, folk and pop-rock music. From well established to lesser known artists, our music program is meant for fun and new discoveries. We broadcast 24/7 so you can join us anytime. Music is life. Sway & Breathe.



01:03Revolution Void - Invisible Walls
01:00St Adam - Ocean fantasy
00:59St Adam - Ocean fantasy
00:54StrangeZero - Ikebana
00:51Lyvo - Wait
00:43Reno Project - The Field
00:39Anitek - Thermoregulation
00:35JCRZ - LatinFeel
00:30mindthings - Shared Loneliness
00:23AKUSMATiC - Akusmatic - Lapislazuli
00:21Targetspot - TargetSpot
00:14SaReGaMa - Adult Only & SaReGaMa - Afterzone
00:11SONIC MYSTERY - In and Out
00:08AKS&El project - sensate
00:05Project Divinity - Chillout
00:01Pianochocolate - Jean Honeymoon - Bang Bang (Pianochocolate Remix)
00:00Grace Valhalla - jenny
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