Costa Del Mar - Funky

Радио Costa Del Mar - Funky

"Costa Del Mar - Funky" is exclusively dedicated to the Funk
Music. With a large selection of the 1975s to the 2000s year, you will
discover or will rediscover the crazy years of Funk Music.
Share music between friends without moderation….and please don’t forget to
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12:53Sharon Redd - Try my love on for size
12:46Mass Production - Love You
12:42Earth, Wind and Fire - Let Me Talk (CDM Master)
12:36The Brothers Johnson - Ain't We Funkin' Now
12:30Mass Production - Rock
12:24Gayle Adams - Love Attraction
12:19Deco - Im So Glad I Met You
12:15Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance
12:12The Dazz Band - Shake What You Got
12:08Cheryl Lynn - You Saved My Day (Joey Negro Tell The World Mix & CDM Edit)
12:04Michael Jackson - Rock With You
12:00Patrice Rushen - Settle For My Love
11:59Patrice Rushen - Settle For My Love
11:54Chic - My Forbidden Lover
11:51The Whispers - Imagination
11:47Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In The Streets
11:42George Benson - Give Me The Night
11:38George Benson - Love X Love
11:32Stephanie Mills - Put Your Body in It [12' Versi
11:29Rick James - You Turn Me On (CDM Edit)
11:25Shalamar - Second Time Around
11:20The Commodores - Painted Picture
11:15The Dazz Band - Let It Whip
11:12Earth, Wind and Fire - Got To Get You Into My Life (CDM Master)
11:11Costa Del Mar - Funky Radio (Jingle 1)
11:07Booker Newberry III - Teddy Bear
11:02The Jacksons - Your Ways
11:00Sharon Redd - Can U
10:54Sharon Redd - Can U
10:49Earth, Wind and Fire - Boogie Wonderland
10:44The Commodores - The Bump
10:39Mass Production - Eyeballin
10:31North End - Happy Days
10:28Earth, Wind and Fire - In The Marketplace (CDM Edit)
10:24Stephanie Mills - Never Get Enough Of You
10:18Booker Newberry III - Shadows
10:12Booker Newberry III - Handle With Care
10:07Mass Production - I Got To Have Your Love
10:02Jimmy Bo Horne - Dance Across The Floor
10:00Parliament - Flash Light
09:56Parliament - Flash Light
09:52Freddie James - Dance To The Beat
09:48Прямой эфир
09:40Wanda Walden - Dont You Want My Lovin (Joey Negro Back To 81 mix)
09:35Diana Ross - Im Coming Out
09:29Freddie James - Dance Little Boy Blue
09:25Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
09:21The Jacksons - It's Your Thing
09:11Jimmy Bo Horne - Is It In
09:07Curtis Hairston - Straight To Your Heart
09:01Shalamar - There It Is
09:00The Jacksons - Blame It On The Boogie
08:57The Jacksons - Blame It On The Boogie
08:53Earth, Wind and Fire - Star
08:49Chic - Stage Fright
08:45Heatwave - The Groove Line
08:40First Choice - Newsy Neighbors (CDM Edit)
08:36A Taste Of Honey - Diamond real
08:32Chic - I Want Your Love
08:27Sharon Redd - Never Give You Up
08:23Hi Five - I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)
08:18Mary Jane Girls - Prove It
08:13Booker Newberry III - Attitude
08:09Zapp Roger - More Bounce To The Ounce
08:08Прямой эфир
08:05Aif G - Dangerous Apple
08:01Patti LaBelle - Music Is My Way Of Life (Joey Negro Funk In The Music Mix & CDM Edit)
08:00Curtis Hairston - Chillin Out
07:56Curtis Hairston - Chillin Out
07:50Freddie James - Music Takes Me Higher
07:45Gino Soccio - Try It Out (CDM Edit)
07:41Midnight Star - No Parking (On The Dance Floor)
07:35Freddie James - Crazy Disco Music
07:29Прямой эфир
07:25Love Committee - Cheaters Never Win
07:19The Whispers - Some Kinda Lover
07:14The Whispers - Keep On Lovin' Me
07:11Ralph McDonald - Kiss And Make Up
07:10Costa Del Mar - Funky Radio (Jingle 1)
07:06George Duke - Funkin' For The Thrill
07:03Chic - Soup For One
07:00Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
06:59Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
06:57The Jacksons - I Want You Back
06:53Chic - Everybody Dance
06:49Midnight Star - Operator
06:43Wild Sugar - Bring it Here
06:40Shalamar - Full Of Fire
06:39Costa Del Mar - Funky Radio (Jingle 1)
06:35Earth, Wind and Fire - Fantasy
06:28Evelyn ''Champagne'' King - If You Want My Lovin Casual Encounters Edit
06:24The Jacksons - Lovely One
06:19Chic - Happy Man
06:14George Duke - Reach Out (1983)
06:10Earth, Wind and Fire - Thinking Of You
06:05Al Jarreau - Mornin
06:00Прямой эфир
05:55The Jacksons - Get It Together
05:51Slave - Party Hardy
05:47Gwen Guthrie - It Should Have Been You (CDM Edit)
05:44Michael Jackson - Working Day and Night
05:43Costa Del Mar - Funky Radio (Jingle 1)
05:38Michael Jackson - Get On The Floor
05:34Skipworth & Turner - Thinking About Your Love
05:31Gayle Adams - Emergency (Cdm Edit)
05:26Прямой эфир
05:23The Jacksons - The Love You Save
05:18Robert Palmer - Every Kinda People (Joey Negro Multicultural Multitrack Mix & CDM Edit)
05:16George Duke - I Love You More
05:12Alicia Myers - I Want to Thank You
05:07The Dazz Band - Let It Whip
05:03Patrice Rushen - Forget Me Nots
05:00Mass Production - Just Wanna Make a Dream Come True
04:57Mass Production - Just Wanna Make a Dream Come True
04:54Michael Jackson - Rock With You
04:53Прямой эфир
04:49Mary Jane Girls - In My House
04:45Mass Production - Music Love
04:42The Jammers - Be Mine Tonight
04:36George Clinton - Loopzilla
04:35Costa Del Mar - Funky Radio (Jingle 1)
04:30Game - Gotta Take Your Love (CDM Edit)
04:25The Brothers Johnson - Caught Up
04:20Michael Jackson - Don't Stop Till You Get Enough
04:12Midnight Star - Hot Spot
04:08Swade - feel it
04:03Booker Newberry III - Teddy Bear
04:00Earth, Wind and Fire - All In The Way
03:59Earth, Wind and Fire - All In The Way
03:55The Brothers Johnson - Light Up The Night
03:46Christopher Cross - Ride Like The Wind (Joey Negro extended Disco mix)
03:42Earth, Wind and Fire - Getaway
03:37Stretch - Why Did You Do It
03:31The Whispers - Turn Me Out
03:27Slave - Dreamin
03:23Chic - Dance, Dance, Dance
03:20Shalamar - The Second Time Around
03:14The Commodores - Keep On Taking Me Higher
03:10The Brothers Johnson - Funk It (Funkadelala)
03:06Cheryl Lynn - You Saved My Day (Joey Negro Tell The World Mix & CDM Edit)
03:00Jimmy Bo Horne - Is It In
02:56Jimmy Bo Horne - Is It In
02:52Mass Production - Saucey
02:46Parliament - Flash Light
02:40Shalamar - Some Kinda Lover
02:36Billy Paul - False Faces
02:30Booker Newberry III - I Get Romantic
02:26Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In The Streets
02:21The Jacksons - Walk Right Now (CDM Master)
02:17Larry Wu - Let Me Show You (CDM Edit)
02:13David Bendeth - Feel The Real (CDM Edit)
02:03The Temptations - Standing On The Top
02:00Smokey Robinson - And I Don't Love You
01:58Smokey Robinson - And I Don't Love You
01:53Unlimited Touch - Searching To Find The One
01:49The Commodores - Brick House
01:44Love Committee - Pass The Buck
01:40Tavares - Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
01:37Atlantis - Keep On Movin' And Groovin'
01:33Zapp Roger - More Bounce To The Ounce
01:28Double Exposure - My Love Is Free (Tom Moulton Mix - CDM Edit)
01:21Wanda Walden - Dont You Want My Lovin (Joey Negro Back To 81 mix)
01:14Sharon Redd - Beat The Street
01:09Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
01:03Jan Leslie Holmes - I'm Your Superman
01:00Curtis Hairston - Take Charge
00:58Curtis Hairston - Take Charge
00:52Nicolette Larson - Lotta Love (Joey Negro Yacht Disco mix)
00:48Bridget Cooper - Get Into The Love Groove
00:44The Jacksons - Blame It On The Boogie
00:38Booker Newberry III - Shadows
00:32Northend - Tee's Happy
00:28Midnight Star - Get Dressed
00:27Costa Del Mar - Funky Radio (Jingle 1)
00:22Starpoint - I Like It
00:18The Dazz Band - Party Right Here
00:12Gayle Adams - I m Warning You
00:08Slave - Feel My Love
00:04Shalamar - Full Of Fire
00:01George Clinton - Get Dressed
00:00Jocelyn Brown - Somebody Else's Guy
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