Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax

Радио Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax

«Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax» is dedicated exclusively to
Saxophone music and offers you this unique channel: "Smooth Jazz" and
"Love Songs". In this sensual space, you will find a selection of the best
"Smooth Jazz" soundtracks performed by the specialists of its kind such as
Kim Waters, Eric Darius, Everette Harp and Richard Elliot. Lovers of the
Saxophone, this channel is for you!


23:26Прямой эфир
23:21Euge Groove - Summer Stroll
23:16Boney James - Without a Doubt
23:11Edda Borg - Can I Trust You
23:06Najee - Embrace
23:01Eric Darius - You're So Fine (instrumental)
23:00Steve Cole - She's the One
22:57Steve Cole - She's the One
22:52Michael Lington - Manhattan Nights
22:48Прямой эфир
22:47Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
22:43Paul Taylor - On the Move
22:39Doug Jones - Top Down
22:34Kirk Whalum - Unconditional
22:30Paul Taylor - Countdown
22:25Najee - You, Me And Forever
22:18Steve Cole - Angel
22:15Mindi Abair - Flirt
22:10Richard Elliot - Corner Pocket
22:05Candy Dulfer - Bob's Jazz
22:00Everette Harp - It's Just The Way That You Love Me
21:55Marion Meadows - Unbreak My Heart
21:51Doug Jones - Better Days
21:47Steve Cole - Pulse
21:41Michael Lington - Going Home
21:37Eric Darius - Groove On
21:28Gerald Albright - To The Max
21:27Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 2/Stars)
21:23Eric Darius - Uptown Swagger
21:17Прямой эфир
21:12Everette Harp - Love Conditionally
21:07Paul Taylor - Enchanted Garden
21:02Rocco Ventrella - Stay With Me
21:00Everette Harp - This Is Still Hope
20:55Everette Harp - This Is Still Hope
20:51Candy Dulfer - Nikki's Dream
20:47Kim Waters - Come With Me
20:43Candy Dulfer - Finsbury Park Cafe 67
20:39Jeanette Harris - Joyful
20:34Doug Jones - With Every Breath
20:30Johnny Britt - You Sure Love To Ball
20:25Richard Elliot - Mango Tango
20:16Vincent Ingala - Night Flight
20:12Kim Waters - Rhythm And Romance
20:07Euge Groove - Got 2 Be Groovin’ (Good God! Father!)
20:04Прямой эфир
20:03Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
20:00Eric Darius - Let's Stay Together
19:57Eric Darius - Let's Stay Together
19:52George Duke - Close To You (Featuring Kirk Whalum)
19:47Darren Rahn - Forget Me Nots
19:39Doug Jones - Almost Summer
19:36Eric Marienthal - Dance With Me
19:32Dave Koz - A Whole New World
19:26Mezzoforte - Berlin Boogie
19:18Steve Cole - Moonlight
19:15Richard Elliot - Sookie Sookie
19:09Прямой эфир
19:05John Tesh - Wind Beneath My Wings
19:00Paul Hardcastle - Paradise Cove
18:56Paul Taylor - Open Road
18:51Paul Taylor - After Hours
18:45Candy Dulfer - No End
18:39Justin Young - 11 - Song for a Better Tomorrow
18:35Project Grand Slam - The Rescue
18:30Euge Groove - Saturday Afternoon
18:25Gerald Albright - Get On The Floor
18:21Eric Marienthal - Emotion
18:16Euge Groove - Love Won't Let Me Wait
18:11Euge Groove - Slow Jam
18:06Marion Meadows - Humanity
18:02Michael Lington - All In Love Is Fair
18:00Darryl Williams - Do You Remember
17:57Darryl Williams - Do You Remember
17:53Прямой эфир
17:48Richard Elliot - Northern Lights
17:42Kirk Whalum - Glow
17:37Jeff Kashiwa - The Attraction
17:33Candy Dulfer - Allright
17:28Jeff Kashiwa - You're The One
17:23Boney James - Autumn Night
17:22Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 2/Stars)
17:17Kim Waters - Some Dreams Come True
17:12David Sanborn - I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town
17:07Euge Groove - Tango In Tio
17:02Spyro Gyra - Bump It Up
17:00Paul Hardcastle - Don't Let It Get You Down
16:57Paul Hardcastle - Don't Let It Get You Down
16:53Dave Koz - A Kiss Under The Moonlight
16:49Walter Beasley - Steady As She Goes
16:44Kim Waters - One Special Moment
16:40Rocco Ventrella - Tres Palabras (Three Words)
16:32Jason Weber - Desolation
16:26Gerald Albright - Embrace The Spirit
16:22Warren Hill - Wonderful Tonight
16:17Eric Darius - Ain't No Doubt About It
16:12Kim Waters - Up All Night
16:08Euge Groove - Forever and a Day (feat. Althea Rene)
16:03Richard Elliot - Neon Nights
16:00Прямой эфир
15:52Jeff Kashiwa & Kim Waters & Steve Cole - Maceo
15:48Mindi Abair - It Just Happens That Way
15:43Euge Groove - Just Feels Right
15:38Прямой эфир
15:34Mezzoforte - Funky Homer
15:30Jeff Kashiwa - Wait and See
15:27Boney James - Blue
15:22Jeff Kashiwa - Stomp
15:18Jazz Funk Soul - Telephone
15:17Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 2/Stars)
15:13Mindi Abair - Make A Wish
15:09Everette Harp - Another Bedtime Story
15:08Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
15:04Michael Paulo - Mason's House
15:00Everette Harp - Can You Hear Me
14:56Steve Cole - You Can Close Your Eyes
14:52Richard Elliot - City Speak
14:47Kim Waters - Water's Edge
14:42Jeff Kashiwa - After the Rain
14:36Gerald Albright - You're My #1
14:30Jason Weber - Can U Feel Me Now ?
14:29Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
14:25Eric Marienthal - Babycakes
14:19Euge Groove - Faithful Central
14:14Najee - Rendezvous
14:09Прямой эфир
14:05Jim Witherspoon - Snap!
14:01Vincent Ingala - Read Between the Lines
14:00Darren Rahn - The Reason Why
13:56Darren Rahn - The Reason Why
13:45Richard Elliot - Shining Star
13:42Justin Young - Razzmajazz
13:37Jeff Kashiwa - 3-Day Weekend
13:32Gerald Albright - Front Street
13:31Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
13:28Steve Cole - NY LA
13:24Justin Young - New Life
13:20Michael Lington - A Song For You
13:14Warren Hill - Under the Covers
13:09Gerald Albright - So Amazing
13:05Darren Rahn - Take My Breath Away
13:01Gerald Albright - Knock on Wood
13:00Прямой эфир
12:58Прямой эфир
12:53Eric Marienthal - Just Around The Corner
12:49Jeff Kashiwa - Deep Blue
12:44Everette Harp - Where Were You When I Needed You
12:40Gerald Albright - Slam Dunk
12:39Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
12:34Marion Meadows - Picture This
12:30Euge Groove - Lay It Down
12:24Euge Groove - 12:08 Am
12:19Gerald Albright - Highway 70
12:13Everette Harp - What's Going On
12:08Dave Koz - Wake Up Call
12:04Marion Meadows - Unbreak My Heart
12:00George Duke - Close To You (Featuring Kirk Whalum)
11:58George Duke - Close To You (Featuring Kirk Whalum)
11:51The John Tesh Project - I'll Be Over You
11:46Michael Lington - Hey You
11:41Marion Meadows - Sand Dancers
11:37Steve Cole - Bright Side
11:33Richard Elliot - Ricochet
11:28Kirk Whalum - Betcha Never
11:22Dave Koz - The Journey
11:19Paul Taylor - Say No More
11:18Прямой эфир
11:13Eric Marienthal - New York State Of Mind
11:07Jeff Kashiwa - You're The One
11:03Marion Meadows - Let The Top Down
11:00Najee - Let's Take It Back
10:58Najee - Let's Take It Back
10:54Jazz Funk Soul - Speed of Light
10:48Gerald Albright - Say It With Feeling
10:44Dave Koz And Friends - Summer Horns
10:39Warren Hill - Do You Feel What I'm Feeling
10:35Kim Waters - Forever Yours
10:30Darren Rahn - With You By My Side
10:24Euge Groove - Days Of Soul
10:17Jason Weber - Spirit Unbroken
10:13Richard Elliot - Mr. Nates Wild Ride
10:09Dave Koz - Life In The Fast Lane
10:03Fattburger - You've got mail!
10:00Paul Taylor - Runaway
09:58Paul Taylor - Runaway
09:54Michael Paulo - Magic
09:47Euge Groove - Old. Edu (Old School)
09:37Kirk Whalum - When Can I See You
09:33Paul Taylor - Countdown
09:28Everette Harp - Right Back At Ya
09:23Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
09:18Everette Harp - More Than You'll Ever Know
09:13Paul Hardcastle - Don't Let It Get You Down
09:12Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 2/Stars)
09:08Eric Marienthal - Legenda
09:07Прямой эфир
09:01Kenny G - Clouds
09:00Kim Waters - Mr. Smooth
08:56Kim Waters - Mr. Smooth
08:52Eric Darius - Uptown Swagger
08:41Eric Marienthal - Last Day Of Summer
08:36Boney James - Camouflage
08:32Everette Harp - Holla
08:28Kim Waters - Two Keys To My Heart
08:22Joe McBride - Just for the Koz
08:18Kyle Turner - Reflections Of A Kiss
08:16Dave Koz - What You Leave Behind
08:12Прямой эфир
08:11Costa Del Mar - Radio - Pub
08:07Candy Dulfer - N.J. Turnpike
08:01David Sanborn - Cristo Redentor
08:00Rocco Ventrella - Come Morning
07:57Rocco Ventrella - Come Morning
07:52Paul Taylor - Supernova
07:51Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
07:46Gerald Albright - Come Back To Me
07:41Richard Elliot - Mystique
07:37Paul Hardcastle - Wonderland
07:26Michael Paulo - Mason's House
07:20Gerald Albright - G & Lee
07:15Jeff Kashiwa - Stomp
07:10Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 2/Stars)
07:06Mindi Abair - Long Ride Home
07:02Gerald Albright - Deep Into My Soul
07:00Прямой эфир
06:58Прямой эфир
06:57Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
06:53David Sanborn - Enchantment
06:49Paul Taylor - What You Love
06:45Everette Harp - When Can I See You Again
06:40Kim Waters - Dreaming of You
06:35Richard Elliot - Northern Lights
06:30Eric Marienthal - Where You Belong
06:26Richard Elliot - Soul Embrace
06:21Theo Bishop - Off The Cuff
06:17Darren Rahn - I Can't Go For That
06:13Kim Waters - Morning Star
06:08Gerald Albright - Take Your Time
06:04Paul Taylor - Groove Shack
06:00Eric Darius - Burning Passion
05:58Eric Darius - Burning Passion
05:54Paul Taylor - Push To Start
05:49Dave Koz - Put the Top Down
05:46Eric Marienthal - Emotion
05:45Costa Del Mar - Radio - Pub
05:41Kevin Moore - Feel Like Making Love
05:36Everette Harp - Feel So Right
05:32Marion Meadows - Humanity
05:28Steve Cole - From The Start
05:23Darren Rahn - The Reason Why
05:18Richard Elliot - Slam-O-Rama
05:14Eric Darius - Steppin' Up
05:10Doug Jones - Better Days
05:09Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 2/Stars)
05:05Warren Hill - Low Rider
05:01Warren Hill - Mojo
05:00Boney James - Seduction
04:56Boney James - Seduction
04:55Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
04:50Steve Cole - Going in Circles
04:46Steve Cole - Metro
04:42Darren Rahn - Wave Of The Future
04:38Euge Groove - Let's Get It On
04:37Прямой эфир
04:31Marion Meadows - Here To Stay
04:25David Sanborn - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
04:20Paul Taylor - On the Move
04:15Eric Marienthal - Oasis
04:11Vincent Ingala - In Deep
04:06Kim Waters - One Special Moment
04:01Everette Harp - Thank You For All Your Love
04:00Richard Elliot - On The Fly
03:56Richard Elliot - On The Fly
03:51Gerald Albright - The Gospel
03:47Everette Harp - So Automatic
03:41Jeff Kashiwa - The Name Game
03:37Прямой эфир
03:31BWB (Norman Brown, Kirk Whalum, Rick Braun) - Billie Jean
03:27Kim Waters - Heaven's Gate
03:22Candy Dulfer - Sunrise
03:17David Sanborn - Superstar
03:13Gerald Albright - Walker's Theme
03:08Eric Marienthal - Times Square
03:01Euge Groove - God Bless You
03:00Michael Lington - City Life
02:57Michael Lington - City Life
02:52David Sanborn - Rikke
02:47Paul Taylor - Come Over
02:43Rocco Ventrella - Swagger
02:42Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
02:38Eric Darius - Groove On
02:34Gerald Veasley - Do I Do
02:29Paul Taylor - Runaway
02:24Прямой эфир
02:20Marion Meadows - Invisible
02:14Marion Meadows - Romantica
02:10Soundscape UK - The Closer I Get To You
02:05Eric Darius - Breathe
02:01Eric Marienthal - Voices of the Heart
02:00Steve Cole - She's the One
01:57Steve Cole - She's the One
01:52Doug Jones - With Every Breath
01:42VAD75 - Romance
01:37Candy Dulfer - Cookie
01:32Kirk Whalum - Can't stop the rain
01:28Jeff Kashiwa - Side by Side
01:21Richard Elliot - When the Lights Go Out
01:17Candy Dulfer - N.J. Turnpike
01:12Everette Harp - More Than You'll Ever Know
01:07Прямой эфир
01:06Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
01:01Michael Lington - Fragile
01:00Richard Elliot - Summer Madness
00:57Richard Elliot - Summer Madness
00:53Eric Marienthal - Compared to What
00:48Прямой эфир
00:44Warren Hill - Come Together
00:39Paul Taylor - Remember the Love
00:35Paul Taylor - Empire
00:30Eric Marienthal - Rendezvous
00:26Warren Hill - I will always love you
00:20Gerald Albright - I Stand Accused
00:15Jeff Kashiwa - Way Out West
00:11Gerald Albright - So Amazing
00:10Costa Del Mar - Smooth Sax Radio (Jingle 1)
00:05Boney James - Camouflage
00:00Euge Groove - Truly Emotional
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