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17:23Lovekillers feat Tony Harnell - Across The Oceans
17:19Lacuna Coil - Save Me
17:14Autumn's Child - Sayonara Eyes
17:10Adrian Benegas/Herbie Langhans - The Light of My Dreams
17:07Violent New Breed - Crazy
17:03Rockett Love - I Want Out
17:00Tito & Tarantula - Lonely Sunset
16:59Tito & Tarantula - Lonely Sunset
16:56Kobra And The Lotus - Burn!
16:51The Defiants - U X'd My Heart
16:46Freedom Call - Fly with Us
16:42Skillet - Back to Life
16:39Tom Keifer - You Believe in Me
16:33Blacktop Mojo, Philip Mosley - It Won't Last
16:29Alchemy - Goodbye
16:25Pretty Maids - Shadowlands
16:20Stargazer - Come to Me
16:17The New Roses - Unkown Territory
16:12Hideaway - Unknown Hero
16:08Zed - Poison Tree
16:04Myrath - Stardust
16:00Tygers Of Pan Tang - Words Cut Like Knives
15:54Trishula - Homeland
15:50The 69 Eyes - Cheyenna
15:46Whitesnake - When I Think of You (Color Me Blue)
15:40The Ferrymen - Heartbeat
15:36Majestica - Night Call Girl
15:31Volbeat - When We Were Kids
15:27Morano - Don't Believe You
15:22Sweet Oblivion - My Last Story (feat. Geoff Tate)
15:19Degreed - Ruins
15:15Danger Zone - Somewhere Out Of Time
15:10Soul of Steel - Sailing to My Fate
15:06NorthTale - The Rhythm of Life
15:05Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
15:00Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Won't Surrender
14:56Crazy Lixx - SILENT THUNDER
14:52Art Nation - Infected
14:48Midnite City - You Don't Understand Me
14:44Liv Sin/Bjorn Strid - Hope Begins to Fade
14:39Mustasch - Before A Grave
14:34Buck & Evans - Slow Train
14:28The Dark Element - Not Your Monster
14:25Enforcer - Die for the Devil
14:20Bad Business - Ain't Playing Your Game
14:16A New Revenge - The Way
14:13Airbourne - Boneshaker
14:12Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
14:06Tarja - Dead Promises (with Bjorn 'Speed' Strid)
14:01Restless Spirits/Johnny Gioeli - Stop Livin' to Live Online
14:00Craaft - Running On Love
13:56Craaft - Running On Love
13:52Tarja - Tears In Rain
13:48King Diamond - A Broken Spell
13:47Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
13:42Last Autumn's Dream - Brand New Life (Remix)
13:38Megadeth - Mechanix (Remastered 2018)
13:33Zed - Wings Of The Angel
13:31Arion - The End Of The Fall
13:25Sergey Mavrin - Protivostoyanie
13:19Olvi - Ubijjca
13:15???????? ???? - ????????? ??????? (Inkompmusic.ru)
13:10Kolizey - Mlechnyjj Put
13:05Harizma - Moy nazvaniy brat
13:00Master - Mesta hvatit vsem
12:59Master - Mesta hvatit vsem
12:53Kipelov - Rozgdeniy letat
12:46Aura - Metel
12:42Kukriniksi - Vertikal
12:38Psikheya - Spasus tabletkami
12:33Alexsey Chernishev & Alexsey Bulgakov - Ukroschenie Ognya
12:29Catharsis - Doroga Gres
12:24Alisa - Sheyk
12:18Igor Romanof & Soyuz - Plemena
12:14Teatr Teney - Nam segodnya vse vozmozhno
12:10??????? ???????? ? ??????? ???????? - ??
12:09Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
12:06CHernyjj Kofe - Prichal
12:02Skoraya pomoshh - CHernyjj sneg
12:01Freddie Mercury - Your Kind Of Lover
12:00Magnum - Madman Or Messiah
11:59Magnum - Madman Or Messiah
11:56Pop Evel - Boss Daughter
11:52Pretty Maids - Old Enough To Know
11:49Warrant - Train Train
11:44Lita Ford - Tambourine Dream
11:40Baton Rouge - There Was A Time (The Storm)
11:36Staind - So Far Away
11:33Angel Forrest - The Blame Game
11:29Creye - Straight To The Top
11:28Jason Becker - Crush
11:24Place Vendome - Heaven Lost
11:19Michael Bormann's Jaded Hard - Bring Me Higher Love
11:16Stevie Ray Vaughan - Testify
11:11Crimson Glory - Red Sharks
11:06Black Country Communion - Love Remains
11:00Epica - Deep Water Horizon
10:56Killer Bee - The Kid's Ok
10:53Norah Jones - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
10:49Mind Funk - Blood Runs Red
10:45Axel Rudi Pell - Dreams Passion
10:41Scorpions - Raised On Rock
10:36Alter Bridge - Walking on the Sky
10:32Led Zeppelin - Hey, Hey, What Can I Do
10:28Evergrey - This Ocean
10:19Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Better With Time
10:15Jason Marsh Band - Karma
10:12Asking Alexandria - Where Did It Go
10:08Tony Carey - Blue Highway
10:04Joe Satriani - Lights Of Heaven
10:03Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
10:00Craig Erickson - Businessman
09:58Craig Erickson - Businessman
09:55Slash - Carolina (Bonus Track)
09:52Bad Company - The Way It Goes
09:47Liv Sin - Chapter of the Witch
09:45Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
09:44Joe Satriani - Tears In The Rain
09:32Powerwolf - Nightside of Siberia
09:28Icon For Hire - War
09:24Bryan Adams - How Do Ya Feel Tonight
09:20Icon for Hire - Supposed to Be
09:15Sting - I hung my head
09:12Johnny Gioeli - OUT OF HERE
09:11Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
09:08Rockett Love - Like an Endless Distant Sky
09:06King Diamond - Phone Call
09:02Dark Sarah - Hide And Seek
09:00Revolution Saints - In The Name Of The Father
08:57Revolution Saints - In The Name Of The Father
08:52YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN - Merlin's Castle
08:49Billy Gibbons - That’s What She Said
08:45Pendulum of Fortune - Return to Eden
08:41Led Zeppelin - I Can't Quit You Baby
08:37Aerosmith - Pink
08:33Billy Idol - White Wedding
08:27The Defiants - U X'd My Heart
08:24Buddy Guy - Guilty As Charged
08:21Megadeth - Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Remastered 2018)
08:17The End Machine - HARD ROAD
08:13Heart - I Love You
08:09Robert Plant - Harms Swift Way
08:03Angel Forrest - Bane Lorraine
08:00Dee Snider - American Made
07:59Dee Snider - American Made
07:55W.E.T. - Still Unbroken
07:50YNGWIE MALMSTEEN'S RISING FORCE - Four Horsemen (Of The Apocalypse)
07:45Killer Bee - Remember The Times
07:41Evanescence - My Immortal
07:37House of Lords - Can't Fight Love
07:33Alter Bridge - Native Son
07:26Tarja - Silent Masquerade (with Tommy Karevik)
07:21Human Fortress - Shining Light
07:17Creye - Never Too Late
07:13Supersonic - This Is Love
07:08Frontline - Shelter Me
07:03Accept - Balls To The Wall
07:00HammerFall - Built to Last
06:59HammerFall - Built to Last
06:55YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Nobody's Fool
06:51Mark Knopfler - Seattle
06:46Lillian Axe - Hard Luck
06:41The Defiants - It Goes Fast
06:36Jaded Heart - Anymore
06:32Sabaton - 82nd All the Way
06:26Chickenfoot - Future In The Past
06:20Megadeth - Trust (Remastered 2004 / Remixed)
06:16Def Leppard - Love Don't Lie
06:11Mark Knopfler - Hot Or What
06:06Michael Kiske - We Got The Right
06:02FAIR WARNING - What Did You Find
06:00Bad Company - The Way It Goes
05:58Bad Company - The Way It Goes
05:55Zed - The End
05:50Rossington - Two Very Different Things
05:40Pretty Wild - Thanks to You
05:3710 Years - Burnout
05:32House Of Lords - Another Day From Heaven Acoustic
05:25W.E.T. - Rise Up
05:20Lunatica - Sons Of The Wind
05:15Oasis - Little By Little
05:09YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Only The Strong
05:06Michael Sweet - Better Part of Me
05:05Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
05:01Tygers Of Pan Tang - Rescue Me
05:00Bon Jovi - The Fighter
04:56Bon Jovi - The Fighter
04:52Joe Satriani - Up In The Sky
04:48Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band - Mr. Soul
04:43If Only - I'm No Angel
04:39Hollywood Vampires/Alice Cooper/Joe Perry - We Gotta Rise
04:35Casanova - Ride The Wings Of Freedom
04:29Blues Company - Silent Nite
04:25The Black Crowes - Jealous Again
04:18Shark Island - Somebody's Falling
04:15Art Nation - Who We Are
04:12Crystal Ball - Soul Mate
04:11Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
04:0810 Years - Halos
04:04Don Felder - Rock You
04:00Whitesnake - Now You're Gone
03:57Adrian Benegas/Herbie Langhans - A Change of Heart
03:52Within Temptation - Aquarius
03:48One Desire - Falling Apart
03:47Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
03:41Vinnie Moore - Out And Beyond
03:40Motley Crue - T. & T.(Terror 'n Tinseltown)
03:36Lynch Mob - Hell Child
03:31Within Temptation - Final Destination
03:26Within Temptation - What Have You Done (Album Version)
03:22Tony Carey - 10,000 Times
03:18Pretty Wild - High Enough
03:14Gary Hoey - Still Believe In Love
03:10Zakk Wylde - Baby Please Dont Go
03:06Danger Zone - Rolling Thunder
03:02Maryann Cotton - "Maryann"
03:01Helloween - Follow The Sign
03:00Styx - More Love for the Money
02:57Styx - More Love for the Money
02:533 Doors Down - Be Like That
02:48Ozzy Osbourne - Mr. Crowley
02:43Slaughter - Streets Of Broken Hearts
02:39Wraith - Humanhater
02:35Def Leppard - All Time High
02:31Tony MacAlpine - Porcelain Doll
02:24The Black Crowes - She Talks To Angels (Acoustic)
02:21YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - I Don't Know
02:16Within Temptation - Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
02:12Jaded Heart - Remembering
02:11Buddy Guy - Milking Muther For Ya
02:08Whitesnake - Slide It In
02:07Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
02:04The Quireboys - Slave #1
02:00Greta Van Fleet - Lover, Leaver
01:55Zed - Wings Of The Angel
01:51Accept - I Can't Believe In You
01:46Mark Knopfler - Je Suis Desole
01:38Joe Stump - Old School Throwdown
01:34Dark Sarah - Evil Roots (Feat. Inga Scharf)
01:31Mystic Prophecy - Metal Division
01:27Within Temptation - Endless War
01:21YNGWIE MALMSTEEN - Enemy Within
01:20Jingl Radio ZEFIROT
01:14Soul of Steel - Brothers in Arms
01:07Powerwolf - Stossgebet
01:03Mr. Big - Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (The Electric Drill Song)
01:00Robert Plant - If I Were A Carpenter
00:58Robert Plant - If I Were A Carpenter
00:54Kryptonite - This Is the Moment
00:49Vinnie Moore - If I Could
00:45Kane Roberts - WRONG (REMIX)
00:39At Vance - Seven Seas
00:35Dokken - Breaking The Chains
00:33Casanova - Rome Burns
00:30Queensryche - Vindication
00:26FAIR WARNING - The Heart Of Summer
00:21Tito & Tarantula - Animal Dream
00:17Unruly Child - When We Were Young
00:14Kingdom Come - Gonna Change
00:10Scorpions - Obsession
00:08Eric Johnson - Song For George
00:04Mark Hummel - I Got To Go
00:00Primal Fear - Bad Guys Wear Black
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