Dance Wave Retro!

Радио Dance Wave Retro!



08:13Leftfield - More Than I Know
08:08Coro - Because the Night
08:04Dune - Million Miles From Home
08:00Reel 2 Real - Can You Feel It (Radio Edit)
07:55Snap! - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Extended Mix)
07:51J.T. Feat. Luca - Magic Summernight
07:47Taucher - Fantasy
07:44Pete Heller - Big Love (Big Love Eat Me Edit)
07:41Samantha Fox - Let Me Be Free
07:40Dance Wave Retro! - All about Dance before 2000
07:37Salt 'N' Pepa - Start Me Up (Radio Edit)
07:33Mark 'Oh - Fade To Grey
07:292 Unlimited - Tribal Dance
07:25Maxx - Heart Of Stone
07:21The Grid - Swamp Thing (Radio Mix)
07:17Tom Novy - The Odyssey (Radio Mix 1)
07:13Imperio - Veni Vidi Vici (Radio Mix )
07:09Alina - Nur Fur Dich
07:05D:Ream - U R The Best Thing
07:01B.G. The Prince Of Rap - The Colour Of My Dreams
07:00Fantasia - Seven (Radio Edit)
06:57Fantasia - Seven (Radio Edit)
06:54Sonic Dream Collective - Oh Baby All (Radio Edit)
06:53This is Dance Wave Retro!
06:50Adventures Of Stevie V - Dirty Cash (Money Talks)
06:46Marisa Turner - Who's Gonna Kiss That Man?
06:43Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground
06:38Jermaine Stewart - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
06:34Captain Hollywood Project - More And More
06:31Duberry Mega - Lo-Mania (Goin All the Way)
06:27PID - I Guess They Think That (Guesswork Edit)
06:23Captain Jack - Drill instuctor (Short Mix)
06:18Grace - Not Over Yet
06:12Inner Dream - Love Will Find A Way (Extended Mix)
06:06Trance People - One World To Dance (Trance Mix)
06:02D.J.Hooligan - Sueno Futuro
06:00Robert Miles - Fable (Dream Radio)
05:58Robert Miles - Fable (Dream Radio)
05:54Everlasting Pictures - Right Through Infinity (Stone + Nick Edit)
05:49Scooter - Scooter Del Mar
05:45DJ Quicksilver - Bellissima (Radio Mix)
05:41Sophie B. Hawkins - Right Beside You
05:37Loft - Summer Summer (Radio Edit)
05:36This is Dance Wave Retro!
05:33Mega 'lo Mania - Close Your Eyes
05:27Freak Style - Electric Boogie
05:24Rmb - Love Is An Ocean (Short Mix)
05:21E-Rotic - Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex
05:16Culture Beat - Got To Get It
05:11Orlando - Rock my heart (Club Re-mix)
05:06East 17 - Gold
05:03Miss Peppermint - Welcome To Tomorrow (Dance Radio Edit)
05:00Splash - One More Dream (Radio Mix)
04:59Splash - One More Dream (Radio Mix)
04:55Cut 'N' Move - Get Serious (Take No Crap)
04:52Jam & Spoon - Stella
04:48Dr Alban - Feel The Rhythm
04:45Brersoul - What to Say (What to Do) (Edit)
04:44You are listening to Dance Wave Retro now!
04:37Barbara Mason - Another Man
04:34Прямой эфир
04:29Cabballero - Love Is The Message
04:25Mr.President - Jojo Action
04:22Kay Cee - Sunshine
04:18Comic - I Surrender To Your Love (Radio Edit)
04:15Sweetbox - Shout (Let It All Out) (Radio Version)
04:12La Bouche - Sweet Dreams
04:08Ultra Nate - Free
04:04CB Milton - It's A Loving Thing
04:00Innocence - Natural Thing
03:56Lux - Love And Cherish (Radio Cut) - Lux - Love And Cherish (Radio Cut)
03:50Adventures Of Stevie V - Body Language
03:47K.Klass - Let Me Show You
03:46This is Dance Wave Retro!
03:43Whigfield - Think Of You (Radio Edit)
03:39Dune - Hand In Hand
03:34Mephisto - Mystery (Of Love)
03:31Snap! - Mary Had A Little Boy (Radio Edit)
03:27Der Dritte Raum - Hale Bopp (Radio Edit)
03:23Diana King - Shy Guy (Radio Version II)
03:20Rebel MC and Double Trouble - Street Tuff
03:15Intermission Feat. Lori Glori - Six Days (Extended Version)
03:11Doctor Deejay - Elektro Woman
03:07Real Hype - Train Of Love (Radio Edit)
03:03Max - A-Million - Everybody's Groovin' (20 Fingers Radio Edit)
03:00Black Baron - Girl I Love You So (Radio Edit)
02:56Veracocha - Carte Blanche (FM Edit)
02:53Hit N Hide - Space Invaders
02:493 - O-Matic - Success (Radio Mix - Video Version)
02:462 Unlimited - Do What's Good For Me
02:42Phacematik - I Feel The Music (Single Mix)
02:38M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy - Automatic Lover (Call For Love) (Radio Mix)
02:34Inner Soul Xpression - Sexy Lady
02:30Scooter - Friends (Single Edit)
02:26Paradisio - Vamos A La Discoteca!
02:22Ace Of Base - Cruel Summer
02:17The Beloved - Sweet Harmony
02:12Culture Beat - World In Your Hands
02:09Outta control - Sinful Wishes (Radio Mix)
02:03Key Motion - Automatic Love (Mellow Mix)
02:00Activate - Fall In Love With You (Radio Mix)
01:59Activate - Fall In Love With You (Radio Mix)
01:56Adam Rickitt - The Best Thing
01:50Reflex - Over & over
01:46Space Frog feat.The Grim Reaper - I Feel Ur Pain
01:42Electro Masters - Electro Masters
01:38Sash - Encore Une Fois
01:33Everything But The Girl - Missing
01:29The Shamen - L.S.I. Love Sex Intelligence
01:25Jaydee - Plastic Dreams
01:21Members Of Mayday - Sonic Empire (Short Mix)
01:17Billy Hendrix - Body Shine (Short Mix)
01:12DJ Bobo - Love Is All Around
01:09C - Block - So Strung Out
01:05Back To Nature - Come Back To Me (D.J. Remix)
01:01Leila K - Electric (Short Version)
01:00AB Logic - Sea Of Love
00:57AB Logic - Sea Of Love
00:54Amos - Let Love Shine (Clubzone Radio Mix)
00:51Marty Scofield - Mellow Paradise
00:50Dance Wave! - All about Dance
00:47Source feat. Candi Staton - You Got The Love (New Voyager Radio Mix)
00:43Format - Solid Session
00:39Unique II - For Tonight
00:38This is Dance Wave Retro!
00:352 Brothers On The 4th Floor - Let Me Be Free
00:32The Outhere Brothers - La La La Hey Hey
00:28Loft - Wake The World
00:25Jessica Parker - Born To Be Saxy
00:21E-Type - Here I Go Again
00:172 Fabiola - Play This Song
00:13Dune - Hardcore Vibes
00:10Music Instructor ft. Tripple M. Crew - Rock your body (single edit)
00:06Snap! - Welcome To Tomorrow (Are You Ready) (Feat. Summer)
00:02Miyage - Dream Within A Dream
00:00The Free - Born Crazy (Radio Edit)
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