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Joint Radio Beat is part of a group of radio stations called Joint Radio Net. The radio station is playing a wide range of (EDM) And especially Trance, Psy-Trance, Goa Trance, Ambient & House music around the clock 24/7.

We love our work, and our goal is to bring you the world's top DJ from around the world and the best EDM music emphasis on Psy-Trance. And that you will always have fun listening to us everywhere.

Also, we host friends during our broadcasts. You are always welcome to listen to our shows. And remember, always keep positive energy. 

Что играло на радио сегодня

20:48 055 Ocelot, Deeper In Zen - The Way to Get off on Dmt (Psychedelic Trance 146 E Mix)
20:40 066 Shiva, Random - Crazy Bpms (Psychedelic Trance 148 F Mix)
20:32 Intelabeam vs Zen Mechanics - NN
20:22 Normalize - Thrill
20:19 Major7 & Capital Monkey - Seven Monkeys E 138 - OUT NOW!!!

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