Radio Dismuke

Radio Dismuke


Данная радиостанция знакомит слушателей с шедеврами джаз-музыки 1925-1935 годов. Это десятилетие от «ревущих двадцатых» до времен Великой депрессии оказало неоценимое влияние не только на джаз, но и на всю музыку вообще. Тут звучат и зажигательные чарльстоны, и сентиментальные баллады, и мелодии из Гарлемских ночных клубов, и мелодичный свинг эпохи биг-бэндов.



13:29ID/PSA - Around The World
13:26Ray Noble Orch with Al Bowlly vocal - Make Yourself A Happiness Pie
13:23Red Roberts - Wenn ich die blonde Inge
13:20Little Jack Little - Stay Out Of My Dreams
13:17Irving Aaronson And His Commanders - Hard To Get Gertie
13:10ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
13:07Andy Kirk And His Twelve Clouds Of Joy - Once or Twice
13:04Nat Star And His Dance Orchestra - Good Night Sweetheart
13:00Ben Selvin & Orchestra - Good Night Moon
12:57Ben Selvin & Orchestra - Good Night Moon
12:51Green Bros Novelty Band - I Wanna Be Loved By You
12:47Raymond Paige And His Orchestra - Pop Goes Your Heart
12:45Irving Mills & His Hotsy Totsy Band - March of the Hoodlums
12:44ID/PSA - Vintage Station ID CBS WABC 2
12:41Herman Kenin's Multnomah Hotel Orchestra & the Garden Dancing Palace Orchestra - There's Somebody New
12:38Sam Lanin's Dance Ensemble - Hello! Beautiful!
12:32Roger Wolfe Kahn - Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella
12:25ID/PSA - Around The World
12:19Isham Jones & His Orchestra - You've Got Me Crying Again
12:16Emil Coleman And His Palais Royal Orch - Whithout That Certain Thing
12:13Musical Stevedores - Happy Rhythm
12:10Salimbeni Et Son Ensemble - Heureux Joyeux Amoureux
12:03Eddy Duchin & His Orchestra - I Won't Dance
12:00Paul Godwin - Fraulein, falsch verbunden: Ein Kuss mit Liebe
11:57The McAlpineers - Out Of The Dawn
11:54ID/PSA - Radio Dismuke
11:50Eddie Walters - Makin' Whoopee
11:46New Mayfair Orchestra - Mother Of Pearl Selections Part 1
11:43Irving Aaronson And His Commanders - If I Had You
11:40Cliff Edwards - Oh, Lady Be Good
11:39ID/PSA - Columbia Broadcasting System KHJ Los Angeles
11:33George Hall And His Taft Hotel Orchestra - Robins And Roses
11:26Leo Reisman And His Orchestra - Bye Bye Blues
11:24Colonial Club Orchestra - I Am Only Human After All
11:16Paul Specht & His Orchestra - Keepin' Myself For You
11:13Richard Himber and His Orchestra - Life's So Complete
11:10New Mayfair Dance Orchestra - Hang Out The Stars In Indiana
11:04Weintraubs Syncopators - Mit einem Herzen darf man nicht spielen
11:00Blue Steele And His Orchestra - Coronado
10:57Blue Steele And His Orchestra - Coronado
10:54Walter Von Lennep - Heimat, was kann's scho'res geben auf der ganzen Welt
10:50B A Rolfe And His Palais D'Or Orchestra - It Was Only A Sun Shower
10:47Claude Hopkins - Mystic Moan
10:44Clyde McCoy And His Orchestra - I've Found A New Baby
10:38Raimund Gessner - Die Blume von Hawaii: Ein Paradies am Meeresstrand
10:32Roy Fox & His Band / Al Bowlly, vocal - Moon
10:29Abe Lyman's California Orchestra - My Suppressed Desire
10:18ID/PSA - Around The World
10:15The Light Crust Doughboys - Let's Make Believe We're Sweethearts
10:10Leo Reisman And His Orchestra - Happy As The Day Is Long
10:07Brunswick Studio Orch - Milenberg Joys
10:01The High Hatters - Plucky Lindy's Lucky Day
10:00Paul Godwin - Sei lieb zu mir, sei nett zu mir (Hochzeit in Hollywood)
09:58Paul Godwin - Sei lieb zu mir, sei nett zu mir (Hochzeit in Hollywood)
09:54Jack Miller - Oh! What A Thrill
09:49Charlie Kunz & His Chez Henri Club Band - Casani's New Yale Blues
09:39Clicquot Club Eskimos - Wings
09:36Robert Hood Bowers & His Orchestra - I Can't Write The Words
09:32ID/PSA - 1936 Dodge with Harry Richman & Frank Parker
09:27Veronica Wiggins & Nehi Ensemble - Goodbye Little Captain Of My Heart
09:23B A Rolfe And His Palais D'Or Orchestra - What'll I Do If The Mississippi Goes Dry
09:20Ben Selvin & His Orchestra - Sing Another Chorus Please
09:17The Blue Lyres - Please Don't Mention It
09:13ID/PSA - Around The World
09:07Vaughn De Leath and Franklyn Baur - Up In The Clouds
09:04Billy Hayes And His Orchestra - Get Out And Get Under The Moon
09:01Russ Carlson & The High Steppers - There's Oceans Of Love
09:00ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
08:55ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
08:46Carolina Dandies - Come Easy Go Easy Love
08:43Johnny Marvin - Oh, How She Could Play Ukulele!
08:40The A & P Gypsies - Only The Girl
08:31New Mayfair Orchestra - The Cat And The Fiddle Selection
08:24Frankie Trumbauer & His Orchestra - My Pet
08:23ID/PSA - 1935 Gulf Commercial 2
08:17Jean Goldkette And His Orchestra - Take A Good Look At Mine
08:13Golden Gate Orchestra - Clap Hands! Here Comes Charley!
08:10Gus Arnheim - You're The Surest Cure For The
08:04Ruben River Reeves And His River Boys - Zuddan
08:03ID/PSA - Radio Dismuke Is Now On Facebook
08:00Bennie Krueger's Orchestra - Wonder If She's Lonely Too
07:58Bennie Krueger's Orchestra - Wonder If She's Lonely Too
07:55Morton Downey - Snuggled On Your Shoulder
07:52California Ramblers - Sonya (Yup, Alay Yup!)
07:48Nat Finston And His Paramount Studio Orchestra - Napoli
07:44Gus Steck & His Chantieleer Orch - There's A Cabin In The Pines
07:41The Hottentots - I Wonder Who's Under her Window Tonight
07:35Luigi Romanelli And His King Edward Hotel Orchestra - Perhaps
07:32Six Jumping Jacks - Henry's Made a Lady Out of Lizzie
07:29Cloverdale Country Club Orchestra - Who Am I
07:26Casa Loma Orchestra / Glen Gray - It's the Talk of the Town
07:22Albert Mason's Orchestra - Into My Heart
07:19Duke Ellington And His Orchestra - Blue Bubbles
07:17Johnny Hamp's Kentucky Serenaders - Angry
07:13Marlene Dietrich - Nimm Dich in Acht Vor Blonden Frauen
07:10Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys - Mean to Me
07:03Bob Howard & His Orchestra - I'll Never Change
07:00Vaughn De Leath - Mighty Lak a Rose
06:56Ethel Waters - Heat Wave
06:54Ben Bernie's Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra - Rosy Cheeks
06:51Jimmy Noone And His Orchestra - It's Easy To Remember
06:48Lane's Dance Orchestra - What Do We Do On A Dew Dew Dewy Day
06:42Coon Sanders Orchestra - Smilin' Skies
06:39Ben Bernie & His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra - Baby, Oh Where Can You Be?
06:38ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
06:35Art Kahn & His Orchestra - Keep Looking Forward
06:32Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards With The Eton Boys - One Little Kiss
06:29Georgia Melodians - Give Us The Charleston
06:25Jack Parker - Singapore Sal
06:22Eddie Walters - She Has A Little Dimple On Her Chin
06:19Will Osborne And His Orchestra - Inka Dinka Doo
06:16Wabash Dance Orchestra - She's A Great Great Gal
06:13Leo Reisman And His Orchestra - A Shine On Your Shoes
06:12ID/PSA - Vintage Chase And Sanborn Commercial 2
06:09Carmelita Aubert - El Hombre Ideal
06:06Pinky Tomlin - The Object Of My Affection
06:02B A Rolfe And His Palais D'Or Orchestra - Barcelona
06:00Phil Harris And His Orchestra - A Rainy Day
05:59Phil Harris And His Orchestra - A Rainy Day
05:52Clarence Williams & His Orchestra - After Tonight
05:51ID/PSA - Radio Dismuke Is Now On Facebook
05:48Ambrose & His Orchestra - Home James and Don't Spare the Horses
05:45Jan Garber - How Could Red Riding Hood
05:43Savoy Havana Band - Driftwood
05:40Henry Allen Jr And His Orchestra - You Might Get Better But You'll Never Get Well
05:37The Knickerbockers - An Eye Ful Of You
05:34Vic Meyers And His Orchestra - Shimmy
05:33ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
05:31Wayne King And His Orchestra - Put A Little Salt On The Bluebird's Tail
05:25Al Friedman And His Orchestra - After I've Called You Sweetheart
05:22The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra - She's Funny That Way
05:15Hotel Pennsylvania Music - The Woman In The Shoe
05:12Abe Lyman And His Orchestra - In A Cafe On A Road To Calais
05:09Henry Hall And His Orchestra - Say The Word And Its Yours
05:06Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys - What Do You Say
05:03Mills Blue Rhythm Band - Moanin'
05:00The Rangers - It Was Only A Sun Shower
04:54Herb Wiedoeft & His Orchestra - Night Time, Love and You
04:51Theo Mackeben & sein Jazz-Orchester - Lach´ mich nicht aus!
04:48Carolina Club Orchestra - Can't Yo Hear Me Callin' Caroline
04:47ID/PSA - Radio Dismuke Is Now On Facebook
04:41Red Nichols' Stompers - Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
04:38Marek Weber Und Sein Orchester - Skadatin-dee
04:36Warings Pennsylvanians - I Want To Be Happy
04:32Jay Wilbur And His Band - The Teddy Bears' Picnic
04:30Syd Roy & His R K Olians - There's Something About A Soldier
04:29ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
04:26Jacques Renard & His Orchestra - 'R You List'nin'
04:23George Hall And His Taft Hotel Orchestra - I Won't Dance
04:17Dick Robertson - There's Oceans of Love By The Beautiful Sea
04:14Ben Selvin And His Orchestra - She Didn't Say Yes
04:11Mel Morris And His Picadilly Players - In The Hush Of The Night
04:08Jack Hylton & His Orchestra - Herr Lehman, Herr Lehman, Was Macht Die Frau Gemarlin In Marienbad?
04:05Joseph Robechaux And His New Orleans Rhythm Boys - Foot Shuffle
04:02Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians - Waitin' For Katy
04:00Archie Bleyer And His Orchestra - Broadway Rhythm
03:59Archie Bleyer And His Orchestra - Broadway Rhythm
03:56Sam Coslow - Say It Isn't So
03:53Harry Leader And His Band - Winter Wonderland
03:50Piccadilly Players - Sonny Boy
03:47Lea Seidl - Ich bin die Marie von der Haller-Revue
03:44Harry Roy And His Orchestra - You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
03:41Frankie And Johnnie Orchestra - Frankie And Johnnie Swing
03:38Jack Crawford And His Orchestra - I'd Walk A Million Miles
03:36Nehi Ensemble - Ting A Ling
03:33Putney Dandridge - Why Was I Born?
03:31Jimmie Joy's St Anthony Hotel Orchestra Recorded in Kansas City - Be Yourself
03:28Ambrose And His Orchestra - I'm On A Diet Of Love
03:25Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra - S'Posin'
03:18Howard Lanin And His Orchestra - Forgive Me
03:15Phil Spitalny's Music - Bottoms Up
03:12Coon Sanders Orchestra - The Flippety Flop
03:08Freddy Martin & His Orchestra - Three On A Match
03:04Golden Gate Orchestra - Blue River
03:01Lou Gold And His Orchestra - If My Friends Find You They'll Steal You From Me
03:00Georgia Cotton Pickers - Snag It
02:58Georgia Cotton Pickers - Snag It
02:55Colonial Club Orchestra - You Will Wont You
02:52Don Redman Orchestra - Do You Believe in Love at Sight-
02:49Jimmie Grier - Ooh That Kiss
02:46Ethel Waters - River, Stay Way From My Door
02:44Isham Jones' Orchestra - Life Begins When You're In Love
02:41Tony Martin - There's Something in the Air
02:35Memphis Night Hawks - Jokckey Stomp
02:34ID/PSA - Radio Dismuke Is Now On Facebook
02:31Trude Hesterberg - Lieber kleiner Eintaenzer (1930)
02:28Die Weintraubs - Mein Gorilla hat ´ne Villa im Zoo (Pasodoble aus dem Film "Heut kommt´s drauf an")
02:24Jimmy Joy And His Orchestra - Can't You Understand
02:22George Shackley & Nehi Ensemble - Hindustan
02:19Red Nichols - Sugar
02:18ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
02:15Jack Hylton And His Orchestra - I Lift Up My Finger And I Say Tweet Tweet
02:13Jimmy Noone And His Orchestra - Soon
02:10Luis Russell And His Orchestra - I Got Rhythm
02:06Abe Lyman And His California Orchestra - You're My Everything
02:03Earl Jackson And His Musical Champions - Red Devil
02:00The Dorsey Brothers - Ive Got A Feelin You're Foolin
01:57Fred Rich And His Orchestra - Dixie Jamboree
01:54Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra - You Took Advantage of Me
01:51Oskar Joost - Feuerbluman
01:48The High Hatters - Like A Dream
01:45The Spirits of Rhythm - That's What I Hate About Love
01:42Phil Spitalny's Music - Bigger And Better Than Ever
01:39Jack Pettis His Pets - Hot Heels
01:36KXYZ Novelty Band - Indiana
01:33The Three Keys - Mood Indigo
01:32ID/PSA - Around The World
01:26The Four Bright Sparks - At Last I'm In Love
01:23Annette Hanshaw - Pale Blue Waters
01:20Cliff "Ukelele Ike" Edwards With The Eton Boys - Love Is Just Around The Corner
01:17Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - When Love Comes Your Way
01:14Leo Reisman And His Orchestra - Alone Together
01:13ID/PSA - Early 1900s Music Preservation
01:10Jean Goldkette - Gimme A Little Kiss Will Ya Huh
01:04Winegar's Penn Boys - Imagination
01:01Gene Austin - Everything I Have Is Yours
01:00B A Rolfe And His Palais D'Or Orchestra - Who Wouldn't Be Blue
00:57B A Rolfe And His Palais D'Or Orchestra - Who Wouldn't Be Blue
00:52Paul Godwin - Wenn die Elisabeth nicht so schone Beine hatt' (Die Wunder-Bar)
00:47Ted Weems And His Orchestra - My Baby Just Cares For Me
00:43George Hall And His Taft Hotel Orchestra - Infatuation
00:40Emil Coleman & His Orchestra - I Wish I Were Twins
00:37Waring's Pennsylvanians - Without Love
00:33Jeanette MacDonald - Dream Lover
00:31St. Louis Blues - St. Louis Blues
00:28Teddy Brown And His Dance Band - Calling
00:25ID/PSA - Around The World
00:22Rex Blaine And His Orchestra - What Would Happen To Me If Something Happened To You
00:19The High Steppers - The Cop on the Beat, the Man in the Moon and Me
00:14Durium Dance Band - She Didn't Say Yes
00:11The Knickerbockers - My Man Is On The Make
00:08Adrian Rollini & His Orchestra - You've Got Everything
00:03Jimmie Grier and His Orchestra - The Peanut Vendor
00:00B A Rolf And His Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra - Hello Margot
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  • Иван

    Елена Кулагина, это песня My Wife Is On a Diet Hoosier Hot Shots.

    • Mikhail

      На грамотного любителя, который любит и понимает настоящую музыку, джазовые композиции, инструментальную музыку, вокал, гениальных композиторов-аранжировщиков, таких как Гленн Миллер, Бенни Гудман, Луис Армстронг и многих других из этой когорты. И совершенно не обязательно быть дедушкой или бабушкой, чтобы понимать и чувствовать разницу между этой музыкой и музыкой типа "Ты люби меня везде, 18 мне уже!"

      • Катя Катя

        На любителя, конечно. Ну, или для дедушек и бабушек, которые застали музыку 20-30-х годов. А так, музыка хорошая, мало рекламы, что очень ценно сейчас.

        • Николас Бурченко

          музыка для души

          • Снежанна Денисова

            о как

        • Юрий Пашнев

          ребята музон просто класссс

          • Елена Кулагина

            что за песня была около 00.00 со словами "My wife is on a diet" и про грейпфрут?

            • Зацени Якутия

              С удовольствием слушаю))

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                Ночи напролет как колыбельные песни! Здорово!

                • Лера Комова

                  Прекрасное радио. Спасибо.

                  • Натали Валентинова

                    Что-то такое есть в этой музыке... светлое, неповторимое, ностальгирующее и, в то же время, зовущее в будущее...

                    • Сергей Грушковский

                      Просто люблю джаз

                      • Нина Бунина

                        Замечательное радио!!!!!
                        Очень часто слушаю!))))

                        • Сергей Фролов

                          Обалденная музыка, сегодня нашел, наслаждаюсь!

                          • Творческий Кризис

                            отлично! случайно наткнулась и ... то что надо!)

                            • Евгений Чиколини

                              Отличная оранжировка,слушаешь и отдыжаешь!

                              • Валера Агрызков

                                Вот. Это оно. В самый раз. 5+

                                • Николай Хемий

                                  Музыка времён детства моих прабабушки и прадеда, когда ещё и не знали про рэп, дабстеп, хип-хоп!) Музыка пропитанная годами и историей выделяется на фоне современной. Хоть я и меломан, но музыка прошлого мне больше нравится^^) Это радио, как "машина времени": включаешь и перемещаешься в "ревущие двадцатые"!)

                                  • Раймонд Лукьянский

                                    Теперь будет повод еще раз поиграть в Fallout New Vegas

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                                      Radio Dismuke . Джаз1925-1935.... Н Р А В И Т С Я ...

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                                        где ж список воспроизведенных песен?

                                        • Надежда Романчикова

                                          их и без тебя не было

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                                          учись пользоваться компом и все увидешь

                                        • Юрий Пашнев

                                          [id11009005|Надежда], почаще тыкай в кнопари и научишся а год назад списка еще небыло

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                                        где название песни

                                        • Андрей Коноплёв


                                          • Павел Кузин

                                            Опять хочу в Новый Орлеан...

                                            • Александр Абрамов

                                              да) это точно)))

                                              • Александр Шведов

                                                Как раз то, что искал

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