90s Eurodance

Радио 90s Eurodance


Радио 90s Eurodance — любительская интернет-радиостанция. В эфире звучит только музыка 90-х годов. Преимущественно здесь можно услышать танцевальные треки иностранных исполнителей. В эфире нет рекламы, информационных выпусков и ток-шоу. Только танцевальная музыка 90-х и ничего больше. 




18:52Eurodacer - Touch the B.E.
18:49Solina - I Wanna Know
18:44Can't Stop The Movin
18:41Dr. Bombay - Boom-Bombay
18:37Passion Fruit - Hot Tongue-Twister
18:34Wienna - Come Into My Life
18:30Orange Blue - Sunshine Of My Life
18:26Freebee - Runaway
18:22Solina - Give It Up
18:19Melodie MC - Vibe
18:18Eurodance Radio mix
18:15Ice MC - Busy Body
18:09Alicia Williams ft. Proce - Shake Your Love
18:06Venus - I Want
18:02Power People - Kiss The Beat
18:00Systematixx - Be My Lover
17:59Systematixx - Be My Lover
17:54Escape From - Melody To Escape
17:50Aqua - Calling You
17:46Riverside People - You Got To Move
17:41Raffa - China Boy
17:38Tic Tac Toe - Leck Mich Am A, B, Zeh
17:34Donna J - people in the night
17:28DJ Aligator - Protect Your Ears
17:24Drumatix - I Thank You
17:20Hit The Floor - Love Generator
17:16Digital Base - Celebration
17:13INSIDEOUT - Lover
17:12Eurodance Radio mix
17:05X-Pander - Touch My Love
17:02ALTHEA - You Can Fly
17:00PRIME ESQUAD - Make Me Move
16:58PRIME ESQUAD - Make Me Move
16:54Treasure 2 - Deeper And Deeper
16:50Brothers In Crime - Destiny
16:47Kymelle - Show That Body Baby
16:43Twenty 4 Seven - Slave To The Music
16:39Terra W.A.N. - I Know
16:35ABSOLOM - The 90'S
16:32Carina ft. Groove Empire - Music Will Never Die
16:28Reech - Brace Your Body
16:24C-Ya - I?m Feeling
16:20Fast Forward Ft. Deon Blue - Do What U Want Me 2 Do
16:16Jefferson Project - All I Need Is The Night
16:12Simply At Work - Come On
16:08Vengaboys - Take Me To The City
16:05D4S - Wild Wild West
16:00Rave Flowers - Beautiful Life
15:57Valencia No Existe - Feel Your Loving
15:52Future City - Only Love
15:47Tasja feat. David Sion - Feed My Love
15:42X-Change - Are U Read
15:38Made 2 Fade - Love Explosion
15:34ALGO RHYTHM - Stays The Same
15:29Dj Bobo - Take Control.
15:26Max-A-Million - Everybody's Groovin
15:23E-Rotic - Sam
15:19Bambee - El Ritmo Dell' Amore
15:14Ain't No Time To Waste
15:09High State Logic - Crime Of Passion
15:06High Spirit - Mr. Moon
15:02Space Company feat. Montana Falvini - The Night Is Calling
15:00Parade - Change Your Mind
14:58Parade - Change Your Mind
14:53New Limit - Every Single Day
14:50TBA - I Show You Secrets
14:46Sydney Fresh - Feel The Emotion
14:43Double Vision feat. Kate - Free Your Mind
14:40Kate Project - You Can
14:36Nevada - Feels Like Heaven
14:32Double U Fresh Feat. Gina Orange - Music Non Stop
14:29Riddim Posse - Get In My Life
14:23Devotion - Fadin Away
14:20Dr. ROBERT - Ele Mele Muh
14:16B Master J - Dreaming In Your Eyes
14:11Mimmo Mix - Love Me Baby
14:08Nova - Feel It
14:04Cipriano Featuring Michelle - Lover Boy
14:00Crispy - The Game
13:56Pandera - Fifth Colour Man
13:51Yena - Feel The Beat Of Love
13:47JC Culture - Rain
13:43Dominoes - Can't Give Up
13:39Odyssey - Talk To Me
13:35Free 2 Night - Music In Your Mind
13:31Don't Y Girl - Easy Love
13:27JOHN ROBINSON - Keep On
13:24Patsy - Money 4 Me
13:21Trey D - Higher & Higher
13:16Hypernature - Flow
13:12H2blond - Bodytalk
13:09Jennifer - Da - Dee - Da
13:04Jessy Luke - Jump On High
13:00Mister Y - Wind Of Your Way
12:57Universe - Everybody Is A Star.
12:56Eurodance Radio mix
12:53Souladelic - I Want Your Body
12:49Squeezer - Blue Jeans
12:43Touquoise Bay feat. Maryelle - Let Me Go!
12:39DJ Dennis Moskvin - Eurodance
12:36Kate Project - Ecstasy Of Flight
12:32EXIT - Don't Tell Me All Your Dreams
12:28La Strada - Bdziesz Moj
12:22Swann - I Love My Life
12:18Digital Base project - Night City
12:15Toy-Box - Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo
12:11Le Click - Show Me
12:07Mr. President - I Can't Get Enough
12:04Mister-Y - Mister-y
12:00Dream Project - Take a chance
11:59Dream Project - Take a chance
11:53Close Ll You - Nice Nasty
11:50JKP Projekt - If Ya Like Ta
11:46AMBER - This Is Your Night
11:42MONIQUE ARTS - Dancing All Night Long
11:37EuroDacer - Dancing With The Fire
11:34E Magine - take me home tonight
11:29Casablanca - The Truth
11:26Ars Nova - Some Days
11:21Waldo - It's About Time
11:15La Fayette - Power Of Emotions
11:112 Brothers On The 4Th Floor - Dance With Me
11:07Sandi - Dancing Flame
11:03Mr. Dynamite - Wake Up (Good Morning Radio Mix)
11:00Mighty Reel - Setup To The Line
10:59Mighty Reel - Setup To The Line
10:55Ltd. Express - Bring Me Up
10:51I & I - Feel The Rhythm
10:46Blind Therapy - Gimme D' Pom
10:42Alexia Phillips - My Boy
10:38Sky Red - I Can't Let You Go
10:33DJ SIMONASSI - Movin On The Rhythm
10:29Dr Alban - Look Whos Talking
10:26Technotronic Feat. Ya Kid K - Move It To The Rhythm
10:22Dj Paul - Rainbow In The Sky
10:19BKS - Take Control
10:15Fast Forward - You're The One I Want
10:12Prinz Amaho - Rhythm In My Life
10:08X-Fade - Dance
10:04Pussy - I'm A Sleazy Pervert (Shake Shake My Pussy)
10:01Real 2 Day feat. B.p. - Change Our Life
10:00Get Wet - Something Unreal
09:57Get Wet - Something Unreal
09:51Culture Beat - Inside Out
09:47Phase 2 Phase - Will U Be Mine
09:44Rozlyne Clarke - Take My Hand
09:41TEQUILA presents TANJA MARIA - My Boy Lollipop
09:37Fire Brigade - Burning Love
09:33A.Kay B.Jay - I Hear You
09:302 Fabiola - Freak Out
09:262 Unlimited - No Limi
09:23Lanotte - You Make Me Feel
09:18Egory - Freedom
09:12Magic Vision feat. MC Soccer - Nana Hey Hey
09:09MAGIC AFFAIR - Night Of The Raven
09:08Eurodance Radio mix
09:03Mirror - Yo Se Que Tu Volveras
09:00MGM feat. Elena K. - I Want You
08:58MGM feat. Elena K. - I Want You
08:54Def Dames Dope - It's OK, All Right
08:50Fun Factory - Take Your Chance
08:47Kate - I'm Ready For The Night
08:43FUN CRUISER - Fun In The Sun
08:39Ice Mc - Dark Night Rider
08:35T 42 - Free Your Mind
08:34Eurodance Radio mix
08:30Basic Element - The Ride
08:26Centory - Take It To The Limit
08:23Makoma - The Clapping Song
08:19PUBLIC ART - River
08:15NOW - Dance You Up!
08:11Bonanza - I'm Waiting For You Honey
08:08Free 2 Night - Stay the Same
08:04Get This Party Slammin
08:00Diesel Action - Stand On
07:59Diesel Action - Stand On
07:53DJ Tururu ft. Karry - Take My Love
07:49X-Pression - Come On
07:46Valdo's People - Drive Me Crazy
07:41Capital Sound - Feel The Rhythm
07:36Nina Badric - Take me higher
07:32X-KAMERON - Why Don't You Want My Love
07:28Mach 7 - Dangerous
07:23Snipers - Fire
07:20Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson - Watchin' (Poison Beat 90'S Remix)
07:16Superfly - Is It Love
07:13Waldo's People - Let's Get Busy
07:09Loft - Hold On
07:06Aqua - Lollipop (Candyman)
07:02Mayra - Keep On Dancing
07:00Base Project - Setting Sun
06:58Base Project - Setting Sun
06:53Bishop - Lift Me Up
06:50Ace of base - Cruel Summer
06:47Angelica - Destiny
06:43Clock - Keep The Fires Burning
06:39LOUD feat EXP - There It Is (Power Remix)
06:35Vision - Talk About Me
06:32Jungle 5 - Feel The Power
06:28La Bouche - I Love To Love
06:27Eurodance Radio mix
06:23Netzwerk - Memories
06:19Def Dames Dope - Aint Nothin To It
06:15Garfield - Party Of Love
06:12T-SPOON - Take Me To The Limit
06:08Blizzard - Living In The Night
06:04J.J. Power - Stay With Me
06:01Digital Service - Back Bone
06:00La bouche - Be my love
05:57La bouche - Be my love
05:56Eurodance Radio mix
05:53Pandora - Come On And Do It
05:50Hot Feat. Mackee Johnson - U Gotta Listan 2 Da Muzak
05:46Pandera - I Love You Baby (Papa Don)
05:42Sensoria - Run 4 Love
05:37New Limit - Scream
05:33Back 2 Back - Everybody Dance
05:30Non Verbal - All I Want
05:26T.O.C. - For Your Love (On Air Edit)
05:22Dr.Alban & Swing - Sweet Dreams
05:18J.K - You Will Be Mine
05:14TEMPERANCE - Everything
05:102 The Core - Let Your Mind Be Free
05:06E Rotic - Big Max
05:02Sex Appeal - Fragile Love
05:00S.L.A.M. - Take your time
04:58S.L.A.M. - Take your time
04:55Clock - Gave You My Love
04:51Magnitudo - Jam It Baby
04:46Key Motion - No Chance
04:432 Unlimited - Here I Go
04:38Kriss - Tonight
04:33Masterboy - I Got To Give It Up
04:30Pearl feat. Zaradika - Rock With Me
04:26Passion Club - Gotta Give My Heart
04:23Me And You - Tell Me
04:22Eurodance Radio mix
04:18Gompie - Alice, Who The X Is Alice
04:13Schwarzkopf - Everybody Get Down
04:09Taleesa - Internet Love
04:05DJ Bobo - Pray
04:01N-TRANCE - Electronic Pleasure
04:00Angelina - The Power Of Love
03:58Angelina - The Power Of Love
03:54Basic Element - Spit It Out
03:49Sevilla - Sunshine
03:45Stay-C - Wham Bam!
03:41Unlimited Nation - It's So Hard
03:37Espresso - Drive Me Crazy
03:33Lory Lee feat. Turbo B - Let me be
03:29Double Mission - Cadillac
03:25Tomy Or Zox feat Natasha - Dont You Know Me
03:21See 3 - No Ecstasy Love
03:17MOVING FADERS - You Can Dance
03:14Fun Factory - Sha la la la
03:11Cartoons - Diddley-dee
03:07Taleesa - Burning Up (D-Base Remix)
03:03Fun-Tastic - The Place To Have Fun
03:00X-Tend - Tell Me
02:59X-Tend - Tell Me
02:552 Colors - I Feel Alive
02:52MARY HOLA - Automatic Lover (Euro Edit)
02:48CERUTO - Muchacha (Factory Team Edit)
02:44Miss Jane - Its A Fine Day
02:39Out Of Mind - Untitled
02:35Interface - There Are No More
02:31Culture Beat - Get It Right
02:26Mykotank vs. Discover - Thinkin39 About U
02:22Dump - No More Lies
02:18Reel 2 Real - Go On Move '94
02:15Sweet Flowers - I've Got To Feel You
02:14Eurodance Radio mix
02:10Unlimited Nation - Follow My Heart
02:07Natural Lee - Fire
02:03Extasy - Golden rain (oh yeah!)
02:00K.C. Linn - Got To Get It On
01:59K.C. Linn - Got To Get It On
01:56A-Moe - Touch Me
01:52Technotronic - I Want You By My Side
01:49Dance Floor Syndroma feat. Juicy - Can't You See
01:45Bambee - Bumble Bee
01:41Nina - Rhythm Of Love
01:37Out Of Mind - Without You
01:34Roxxy - I Feel Love
01:30Paris By Air - All Around The Sound
01:27Lalene - Together
01:23Favilli feat. Dyonne - So In Love With You
01:19D.B.P. feat. Mary Me - I Wanna Be With You
01:162 Da Beat - Work Yo' Body
01:15Eurodance Radio mix
01:11Afrika Bambaataa - Feel The Vibe
01:08Powerzone Feat. Miss Stéphanie & M.C. Q. - Give Up
01:04XXX.Large - Maja, Keep On Dancin
01:00Joe Samba Jr. - I Like Summer
00:56O-Zone - Break Free
00:53Adastra Feat Matrix - Iaonnama
00:47Light EFX - The Music Pumpin (Europa Mix)
00:43D. J. MIKO - Hot Stuff
00:39Culture Beat - Take Me Away
00:35Natalie Page - This Is The Time
00:32Tears N'Joy - You Take My Heart Away
00:29Lisa Oakfield - La La La (Like Your Firelight)
00:24Masterboy - Feel The Fire
00:21Matilda - Give Me Your Love
00:17Utopia - Lesson In Love
00:14Garfield - Cool Cat (Radio Mix)
00:13Eurodance Radio mix
00:08Cali Gold ft. M&M Crew - Move On
00:04PLAZA PEOPLE - Layla
00:00Missing Heart - Wild Angels
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  • Юрий

    Супер!!! радио!!!

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      Это просто супер, я слушаю ваше радио где бы я не был, спасибо Вам большое.

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        Здравствуйте Николай были неполадки исправили уже давно и обновили плейлисты

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          • vladimir_monashenko

            Дискотека 90 класс

            • Вячеслав

              Интересно слушать эту радиостанцию. Есть песни, которые остаются вечно в списках лучших хитов всех времен. Много талантливых исполнителей, много позитива и воспоминаний. Молодцы, ребята! Так держать!

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                Всем любителям Eurodance - Привет!

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                  Классное радио, особенно понравится детям 90-х или 80-х. Ностальгия приносит очень приятные ощущения. 90s Eurodance переносит всех в детство и юность.

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                            классное радио

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                              • Алиса Евстифеева

                                помогите найти песню из Зарубежной дискотеки 90-х.В припеве девушка поет такие слова LI POP POP POLI LI PO LI PO LI PO LI PO.В сборнике на кассете она шла за композицией Mach-7 - Real Love

                                • Людмила Бутенко

                                  Дискотека 90-х.это было круто. erotik,e-type,ice mc,Dg Bobo и много других исполнителей,в основном приветствовались ,зарубежные.Было очень весело и зажигательно.И спустя 20 лет,многим молодым людям ныне,нравится эта музыка.Эти весёлые,танцевальные песни.

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